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Apples in a clover

Applejack lies in the field with flowers of clover.
Experiment with soft airbrush.
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Aww. I like this picture of AJ! She looks so soft and cuddly. Her eyes are so shiny. Huggle! Heart Chibi AppleJack Icon 
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Thank you!
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It looks like a dream because of the efect that blur makes. (in my opinion it's a beautiful dream:D (Big Grin) Love).
By the way, awesome work. So realistic! :happybounce: 
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Thank you! I am honored, that  I have manager to bring piece of dream to reality :3
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She is amazing) Good work!
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AJ is amazing pony, sure! 
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Ah yes, Applejack looks gorgeous. I love the fluffff on her <3 
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Thanks! Yeah, fluff is great for squeezings and hugs!
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Gorgeous! Would you mind if I posted this on my site?…
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Thanks! I didn't expected that I can easily handle airbrush in new program without too much training 
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You did pretty well.
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Don't you think everything looks too blured?
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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes,   I am trying to focus on large shapes now, and don't  into sharpness and details
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No problem. I try to experiment with brushes myself . It's fun. But I don't do lineless stuff so it's a little different. 
I like your works :3
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I love your lines  and curves *^_^*
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That was looking awesome while lies in the field there :D and which is her look was nice :D
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Thanks for nice words :)
Your comment is very correct :D (Big Grin)
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