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Tagged by RosaManeki
huehuehue a tag done rather late kaomoji set 2 47/67 
sorry changing the questions a bit heh

>Did your art get better or worse in 2016? 
Uhh I think it got better!! Although I really need to improve ; o ; right now SAI isn't working so I haven't been posting artkaomoji set 1 11/19 

>Did you draw something you are really proud of?
Mmm yess :3
[Gift:] Friendship by xBerrySilver

[OC] Blossoming Sky - Hazel by xBerrySilver
[AT: Crystal-Star74] Nature Music ~ by xBerrySilver

there are probs more to list but it'll clog this thing up so >w<

>Did you make any new friends? 
Yesss <33 thank you all!! kaomoji set 1 9/19 

>Did you buy a new character you love? 
Ehhh I don't buy adoptables kaomoji set 2 14/67 

>Did you confess to anyone?
Lol no

>Did your relationship with your parents change?
Sorry, private~

>Did you go anywhere new? 
Yes c:

>Did you keep your new years' resolution? 
For 2016? HAHAHA NO :iconuhuhuhuplz:

>Will you make a new years' resolution this year? 

I did... probably won't do them HEHEH kaomoji set 2 55/67 

>Has your taste in music changed?

>What's one lesson you learned in 2016?
No matter what I do I must always trust God with any troubles I have!! kaomoji set 2 60/67 kaomoji set 1 3/19 

>Do you feel you've come closer to your goals?
Ehhh idk kaomoji set 2 30/67 

>Has your self-esteem grown? 
Mmmm I guess?

>What was your best moment of 2016? 
I probably have a lot <3 can't list them haha kaomoji set 1 4/19 

>What is a moment you want to forget? 
I don't really have moments I want to forget.. embarrassing ones i suppose kaomoji set 1 13/19 

>Did you feel much older in 2016?
Ehh not really haha young foreverrrr 

>What's your new year wish? 
Grow closer to Christ~ kaomoji set 2 28/67 

>What did you do for your birthday?
Just celebrated LOL 

>How did you dress for Halloween 2016?
Ahh I don't celebrate halloween haha

>What colour do you think of when you think over 2016?  
Hmmm... orange maybe?

>Who has been your closest companion in 2016?
Family and friends... I don't really know who haha

>How many animals have you pet in 2016?
Some doggies and kitties kaomoji set 1 9/19

>Sum up 2016 in four words?
Desperately needing some change.

>What has been your most used emoji? 
THIS IS SO HARD... there's no way I can answer this I use waaay too much

>What did you eat a lot of? 


>What did you drink a lot of?


>Did you find a new aesthetic? 


>Have you changed your username?

Yep.... if you count 2015 HAHA. I was FantageChristina6603 a looong time ago omg ////

>Has someone changed your opinion on something?

>Did you like the music in the charts in 2016?
I don't listen to a ton of music, so idk...

>Do you think 2016 was better or worse than 2015?
Asfkdghlj how should I know

>Do you think this year will be better or worse than 2016?

I hope it'll be better!! kaomoji set 1 16/19 

>What are you most excited for this year?
Hmm... nothing specific in mind xD

>When's the latest you've stayed up?
Sorry, private~

>When's the earliest you've woken up?
Sorry, private~

Blurasxbery mar-oon aayari qwerhellur SasaSiew che-rrry Sweetmeloday chihaki nikkuri strawberry-dove Reminel winterbabe xSilverlight Reisen-U-Inaba fluffy-pancakees meettins nana-tea Shikaruru STRAWBURRYCAKES <--SORRY I HAD TO HAHAHA
and anyone else reading this (if you want)~

Okie bye
RosaManeki Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha it was nice reading it <33 thanks for doing the tag Komari and Rin (Snug) [V1] 
xBerrySilver Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
<33 np
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January 11, 2017