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I moved from this account about two years ago in September to a new one, just for a new start! uwu I know not everyone has watched me there, and that I continue to get new watchers on this account, so I would just like to quickly update this account and let people know that I am no longer active here. I just hop on this account every few months to clear out the inbox.

My new account is :iconmagical-girl-grace:! I had originally kept the account to myself and a few friends just to kind of start new entirely, but now I'll publicly announce where I am. I haven't been drawing much recently as I have been very busy with school and my new dance studio, but when I do begin to post again, expect to see things from my upcoming novel Savior and a bunch of cute fan art of Steven Universe, The Outsiders, Homestuck. etc. I sorta left the Sonic fandom, but I will draw canon characters here and there.

Thank you for watching me at my new account if you do!
Just wanted to update this account's journal vuv

I have moved accounts but I am on here once a month to check for notes regarding my current account. If you send a note asking where I am I will respond with in a month or less with a link to my new account c:

Last call for new account

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 6, 2013, 5:30 PM
If you haven't already watched me at my new account and you want to, please COMMENT OR NOTE ME and I will send you a link through notes c:

-I will only be on here once a month to check for NOTES regarding where I currently am.

Moving accounts

Sat Sep 28, 2013, 6:58 PM
EDIT TWO: Is there any art you would like me to reupload? I might not but I wanna double check. 
Also if I did super discount on commissions, would you rather it be points or money...or both? .-. I think doing money, it would be cheaper to get the pm but who would want one? ;_; it's going to probably be about 25 cents to a $1.50 off, considering my cheapest money commission is 50 cents and my highest is $3.00 (depends if you want extras like backgrounds, other characters, etc. though). Points...will probably just be randomly cheap prices but that will take forever to get enough ;-;
EDIT: I created the account and it's in note me or comment if you want my username now, but right now I'm just reuploading/re-faving stuff ;A; Before I leave I will do super cheap (point and money) commissions to try to save up for a pm ;A;
It is decided that I will be moving accounts. Not today, but within the next two weeks (because that's when my pm expires), or when I can afford a new pm, this account will be inactive. I'm still deciding on a new username as well.
edit: If I can pottytrain my puppy by Friday my mom will give me thirty bucks :la:

I feel like I need to move. I need a fresh start.
I want to forget what happened while I was here.
I want to get certain people out of my life.

I will not be giving out my new username publicly so I will personally note those who I wish to find me. When I make my last journal on this account, feel free to comment that you want to watch me on my new account. But, just because you asked, doesn't mean I will. There's certain people I really don't want to find me or I think would give out my username to the people I do not want to find me.
Anyone I don't want to find me will also be blocked on that account :giggle: in case ya do find me, I dont want ya talking to me .-.

EVERYTHING ON HERE WILL BE PUT INTO STORAGE. ONLY SOME OF THE ART ON HERE WILL BE REUPLOADED ONTO MY NEW ACCOUNT. If there anything I made for you that you would like to keep saved on your computer, do so. If you are going to use it YOU MUST CREDIT THIS ACCOUNT (Xbeautiful-remains). IF YOU ARE TO USE IT, YOU MAY ONLY USE IT ON DEVIANTART. There might be like..ONE thing on here but that's it.

also there will not be a link to my new account somewhere on my ask account, or at least for now. I might give a short pm to that account and change its username so I can use it for commissions instead vuv
-I will create the account while this one is still in use. I will be reuploading pictures I want to keep, redoing the page, saving money for a pm, etc.
-any new art will be posted on that account so if I owe you something you will need to note me for my new account .-.