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Choki Choki Choki Wa
I'm just a random (lazy) fangirl doing fanarts and sometimes stuff with original characters, don't mind me.

I was called xXFreakyUnderworldXx before, but my god that freaking emo MySpace style name had to go.

Favorite movies
lots of shitty movies and lots of actually good movies

Favorite TV shows
SPY, Boys over Flowers, Blood, Max Headroom

Favorite bands / musical artists
lots of kpop and jpop

Favorite books
Lux series <3

Favorite writers
got many

Favorite games
FINAL FANTASY XV & Uncharted 4 best games

Favorite gaming platform
PC, Playstation 2,3 and 4

Tools of the Trade
XPS and Blender
since some people shared my Prey render on tumblr some time ago i decided to just make a blog there where i dump these pics myself :XD:
Won't stop uploading here so u'll probably just see the same stuff and maybe wips if i feel like it.

Have a good day :heart:
  • Listening to: Autistic music :sweaty:
  • Reading: Biography of ur mom
  • Watching: u e_e
  • Playing: UC4 always
  • Eating: the d
  • Drinking: Capri Sun


Yeah I know Subuta is some sweet and sour pork dish lmao but that's her theme title so here we are.
Started ripping the NMH2 models a while ago and chrrox was kind to dump the higher res PS3 textures! Living for these normal maps. Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 
Alice is probably my second fav boss in the game, right after Margaret. Sad it had less memorable ones overall than the first game.

Download for big version.

PS: Yeah i know there's some noise on her mech-tentacle things but it wouldn't go away so watever.

Characters + Models (c) Grasshopper Manufacture
Very special thanks to chrrox and DazzyAllen for model scripts!
Render in Blender Cycles
.:Beam Katana Blues:.
Ya'll ever heard of title problems? Well none of them with this game cause I can just snatch the soundtrack title names and pretend this is some deep shit :XD: is not.

Anyway recently replayed No More Heroes on ps3 and played the sequel on Dolphin emu and realized I missed this shit all this time. Great games honestly, way too underrated but I guess the humor's too dark for most people idk.
I used this as motivation to attempt cel shading in cycles, which doesn't work that well but eh close enough Laughing my ass off! 

Download for big version.

Characters + Models (c) Grasshopper Manufacture
Very special thanks to chrrox and DazzyAllen for model scripts!
Render in Blender Cycles
So id-daemon made these amazing new tools to get Deus Ex Manking Divided models with rig and especially with hair. Fainting tard Deus Ex is like second best game series so this is like early xmas!
I spent way too much time setting up the materials tbh but anything for the favs. Sweat Emoticon Hair is particle hair created from ingame PureHair tech curves. 
I also have an unhealthy obsession with this coat, someone build a shrine for it and the designer thx

Excuse the lazy pose pls this is more like another test render until i'm recovered.

Character + Model (c) Eidos Montreal, Square Enix
Render in Blender Cycles
Hair Shader by Chris Chuipka




:iconkool-kidz-ripz: :iconxnalaraitalia: :iconalma-wade-fanclub:


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