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Please follow
I need a way to tell my feelings to someone.
And I need a way to talk about my alters more easily 
:iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 2 0
Some stuff is happening
 So hey, it's me Bia.
you know, the person who stopped doing art for a while haha.
I don't really want to talk about this but I need you to know this...
So some of you know or might not know, I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder/ Multiple Personality Disorder as you usually know of) And there's some bad things to this disorder...
I know this may seem weird or off but I need to tell you...It takes a lot of guts to discuss mental illnesses in this site, and honestly, my disorder can be different from person to person so some can relate and others can't and I'm fine with that.
You might wonder why my art isn't so great as it should like it was before, or why I now post really late or take too much time to do something.
 I'm kinda scared to tell why but I really have to.
So as you know, I had 4 Alters (Personalities) But now there's a 5th one who was hidden from us, and her name is Mavis.
Since she was discovered she wasn't a great help, she was the opposite of help in the
:iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 4 10
|Febe| by xAzul-Starx |Febe| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 70 5 Alters by xAzul-Starx Alters :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 68 24 |OTA Adopts OPEN| by xAzul-Starx |OTA Adopts OPEN| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 66 15 |SpringBonnie| by xAzul-Starx |SpringBonnie| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 131 7 | Chibi YCH 3/3 OPEN | by xAzul-Starx | Chibi YCH 3/3 OPEN | :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 28 3 |Oliver| by xAzul-Starx |Oliver| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 60 9 |Taylor| by xAzul-Starx |Taylor| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 63 5 |Ask The Shadows| by xAzul-Starx |Ask The Shadows| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 82 0 Persona by xAzul-Starx Persona :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 74 7
Love Can Be Cruel - Chapter 2- A Dream
 Narrators P.O.V
  - Sophie dear, you should stop scribbling on my old bills...What if Mommy will need them later? Mommy wouldn't be able to pay our house...
  Sophie had woken up sitting on a chair, above some phone books that were placed under her, she looks around, without any clue of what was happening, she looks at herself,  at her little hands...Wait, hold on, little hands? Her mother looked down at her with her arms crossed, she seemed very angry with her, it seemed like they were going to start an arguing.
  - Sophie you know I don't like it when you stay silent in that way, c'mon tell me, why do you use them instead of your drawing paper?
  - Because it's more funnier that way. - Sophie answered, but...she didn't want to answer, how did those words come out of her mouth? She could see around, but couldn't barely control herself, like there was something making her do this.
  - Your father was right, you would be a
:iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 9 2
I Love You by xAzul-Starx I Love You :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 84 4
|Love Can Be Cruel|- An Apology Part 1
  - So, what happened exactly? - Nathaniel said sitting on a chair with arms crossed on the balcony of the kitchen 
  - You really don’t believe it do you?- Sophie answers Nathaniel, while chopping some carrots at the kitchen’s balcony.
The smell of soup boiling was all around the kitchen, which was making Nathaniel crazy and very hungry for a big buffet, which actually surprised him, finally Sophie was cooking something great this time, looks like somebody learnt well their mistakes and is now overcoming their master.
  - You’re sure you don’t want me to cook tonight? - Nathaniel asks, ready to go get the fire extinguisher in case the kitchen burns accidentally for the 4th time.
  - Ha ha, very funny Nat- She smiles , pokes his nose, and then comes back to work, chopping now some onions and garlic for some turkey steaks.
  The smell of onions, was the only thing that bothered Nathaniel at cooking, his sensitive nose doesn
:iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 11 4
|Between The Woods| by xAzul-Starx |Between The Woods| :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 51 3 Please If You See Him Run by xAzul-Starx Please If You See Him Run :iconxazul-starx:xAzul-Starx 53 5


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