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Cryptocurrency Institute Review Is Crypto Currency Codex SCAM

Hi, My name is Pat Kendrick, I am a retired economist, lead researcher and also head of the Crypto Mining & Trading Division at the Cryptocurrency Codex.

If you are sick of getting "standard" promote returns of 10 percent or less annually, then you definitely want to listen very carefully to what I'm about to reveal to you next.

I have spent years working within this industry from both academic side, such as theoretical research and analysis, to personally supervising crypto currency day trades from the actual world, flipping IC0s, arbitrage and crypto currency exploration.
So trust me when I tell you this...

I understand greater than almost anyone in the country - the super-rich, the top 1% of those elite EXPLOIT loopholes in market-place insecurities to be able to acquire ungodly amounts of market returns of around 10,000% ROI with almost no risk in any way.
Let me reveal to you one of a sort, cryptocurrency profit "loophole", that's planning to completely transform your net worth, your earnings statement along with your financial position practically overnight...

The best thing is, we have modified this "loop hole" so that it works for regular folks without a lot of money to risk with zero experience. In reality, here will be the life changing results of the students, that are first-time investors. People such as 66-year-old Joe D., a retired salesperson from Richmond, Virgina. Joe initially invested $7,000 using this particular method. "I'm now close to $250,000".
David Smithson, is currently a 61-year-old business owner from Austin, Texas. He says his portfolio "has increased $500,000 in less than a couple of months."
"I feel like I now have the opportunity to recover the lost profits that I missed out on at the 90s tech boom," he said.

Matthew G. had never invested before until 1-2 weeks ago. "I took my money from the stock market because it wasn't doing that well," he said "my $35,000 has risen to $600,000 for the reason that very short moment."

Samantha H, was a single woman and newcomer and never invested before when she signed up.
"my savings $7,000 has moved to almost $90,000 in just 4 months," she said. Now, these results might sound too good to be accurate. But this is actually the reality of the situation at this time. Take a look at this particular chart. It appeared in Fortune Magazine just several weeks ago.

As you may see, this new asset class grew from less than $10 billion to $150 billion the past 12 months...
And its only going to get bigger and bigger!

Now I must remind you to read this presentation right now till the very ending, because if You Don't, and come back tomorrow I Cannot
Guarantee that it is going to be available for you free of charge then.

Did you know, if you bought $1000 of Google in 2004 in its initial public offering, then it'd be worth1,575,000 today?
Or if you had invested $1000 worth of shares in Microsoft in 1985 it'd be worth7,974,720.00 right now?
I could go on and on forever, but you get my point.

Its important to know what to set your money in and in what time.
Because had you devote $1 in the right place just a couple years back, you just might be a multi millionaire right today...
But hindsight is always 20/20 and the tech boom of the 90s is now well and truly over...
The very good news is that this possibility is here once again, and its now something that is still in its infancy and its 100,000
Times bigger compared to the tech boom of the 90s...

Much bigger!

Cryptocurrency Institute Review Is Cryptocurrency Codex SCAM

In fact, cryptocurrency represents the single biggest investment opportunity since the beginning of human civilization.
The reason why it's 100,000 times bigger compared to the technology boom is because its not just limited by American technology companies.
This time the boom is totally global and governments worldwide have officially begun recognizing and adapting for them too.
That which made the tech boom so exciting for investors at the 90's where older technologies have been replaced with the brand new...

Well its happening yet again.
In actuality, whenever this happens, this occurrence is called in the academic field as an "Economic Disruption".
This is when one product makes an old one obsolete, it sends a shockwave throughout the market.
And if entire INDUSTRIES are being disrupted, all simultaneously - its earthquake which leaves nothing how it was.

They started out in one small niche - selling books - as soon as they made bookstores obsolete, they branched out, carrying on the web shipping, every product under the sun. Even groceries! That's what crypto currency represents. At this time, you probably don't know very well what I am speaking about, plus it could be hard to believe. I mean, with people experiencing these sort of mad numbers, wouldn't everybody be talking about that? And when I mean mad numbers I mean:
- 585 percent PROFIT in 31 days...
- 156 percent PROFIT in 8 days...
- 1,245 percent PROFIT in 6 weeks
- 3,477% PROFIT in just more than 3 weeks...
- 4,734 percent PROFIT in 4 months...

In my 25+ years of experience as a Economics and Finance professor, I will tell you this...
With almost any big new trend, it comes down to one particular item: Timing.

Now I want you to look in this graph.
First, merely the Innovators adopt a fad. Afterward a Early Adopters jump onboard - the folks that are quick enough to buy in at the earliest possible time. Its usually the Early Adopters who get rich out of a new fad. Just think about Google, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and other dominant internet companies today... The folks who made fortunes off these companies weren't smarter than everybody else. They didn't devise something which was different... They simply got on the tendency before everybody else - when these companies were selling for just a couple dollars per share. And that's exactly what's happening with cryptocurrencies now... But there is some bad news. This wont last forever. Cryptocurrency, despite its weird name, offers exactly the same into the area of finance.
If you have a digital -wallet', then you can instantly buy or sell anything without any permission from Visa, Mastercard, any banking institution and without government taxes, regulation or intervention.
Transfers from your wallet occur almost instantly, unlike bank wires which may occur days, especially for global transactions.

Actually, its been said that cryptocurrencies can do to the current banking and financial sector, what on the web news did to newspapers. Yes, I'm talking about a complete and utter overhaul to literally the underlying base, the financial institutions and also the medium of exchange on which the entire world's economy is built upon.
It wouldn't be surprising if within several years which the US dollar will probably no longer be the world money pegged to crude petroleum, but instead in its place a cryptocurrency.

You will find trillion of dollars to be made and also unlike the tech boom of the 90s, now this moment, you can get involved in this too!
If you are under the impression that crypto currency isn't safe because its not backed up with an underlying physical commodity, then let me tell you something.…

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