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A New Blend Prologue: Departure
Twelve years, two weeks, and a day ago:
A young boy, with messy dirt-blonde hair and big, inquisitive eyes was playing in the street. This wasn't particularly safe, but he was still only six. "An' a half!" he'd be quick to add. With the world being what it was, having a pile of dirt was something very few city kids would ever experience.
On this day, the sun was obscured by thick, matte-gray clouds, a common occurrence. The boy knew he would have to get inside soon, because everyone knew that the rain could strip your bones of flesh in moments. But for now, he had a pile of real dirt, and he intended to play in it.
Scraping the pile with a piece of plastic, he began making simple shapes, triangles and rectangles and little circles, as best as any young child can. His mother, a severe-looking woman in her early twenties, watched from the base of the apartment. Sighing, knowing he'd be in on time, she turned to go inside.
Just three blocks away, a haggard, tired man with bags beneath his
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Danger Level System by Xavius-Windsong Danger Level System :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 1 3
More Pony Species!
There are the three clans of pony well known in Equestria, Pegasus, Earth Pony, and Unicorn, but there are others, too...
>>Hippocampi: Ponies of the oceans
-)Hippocampi appear to be ponies, but with webbed feet instead of hooves and long fish tail. There are three types: the Brightscales, who appear to be part tuna or cod, are similar to Earth Ponies in structure, and very tough and durable. there are the Seahorses, who appear to have similar structure to a mix of, well, seahorse and pony. They are fast and and agile, similar to Pegasi, but underwater. And finally are the Octokine, who have pairs of tentacle in place of legs, and are gifted with a natural affinity for magic. Each bears a cutie-mark, just like land-ponies, which relate to their particular talents.
-)Remarkably similar to the land pony races of Pegasus, Earth Pony, and Unicorn. But underwater.
Threat level:
-)Varies according to individual, but are generally no more dangerous than a land pony of similar a
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Bleach RP backstory
Bleach RP:
When making a character, choose a Division, a speciality, make a background, and READ THE STORY. It actually makes a difference.
After the incidents with Ichigo, and after the Espada had been defeated, the Soul Society was having a time of relative peace.
Several months later, however, Hollow have begun appearing in the Soul Society. Without any warning, hollows have begun rampaging across the land, and the Shinigami are clueless on their origin. What's more frightening is that hollows that have been defeated... are coming back. Twice has the immense airborne menace now called "Blaster Bubble" damaged not only the sheilds of the Gotei 13, but also the mighty castles themselves.
Hollows have begun teleporting directly into the courtyards and streets within the supposedly impenetrable sheilds and walls, and the Shinigami are baffled as to how they keep appearing.
What is more frightening is that there have been sighitngs of things far more powerful than mere holl
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Pokemon: Shiftwave RP Character Creation
When making a character, from the following categories. And so as to keep things balanced, there'll be limits on how much of each category you can choose, but don't worry, it isn't extreme.
The Category format is:
[Amount of choices] - Name of Category; Description
>>Entry - Description
>>Entry - Description
>>Entry - Description
[1] - Background; where you came from.
>>Human - You're a human, with no pokemorph traits whatsoever.
Skill multiplier: x1 - Minimum Age: 12
>>Gijinka - You used to be human, but the Shiftwave gave you some Pokemon traits. You look more human than some, but you can't be mistaken for human without good luck, bad lighting, or a skilled disguise.
Skill multiplier x1 - Minimum Age: 12
>>Feral - You used to be a Pokemon, but the Shiftwave gave you a humanoid build and some human traits. For most, you will never be mistaken for anything but a pokemorph without major surgery. If you're lucky enough to be from a more humanoid pokemon stock, such as the Gardevoir line,
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Akiro by Xavius-Windsong Akiro :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 3 0
Pokemon: Shiftwave - Timeline and Opening
Pokemon: Shiftwave
Using the start of Red/Blue/Yellow as "Year 0" I will build a timeline of the Shiftwave event.
Year -37
>A promising young man, named Samuel Oak, from the ranks of the Team Rocket organization runs away with vital research in a new project called Project New Genesis, along with two specimens. One of his friends, Giovanni, helps him get away.
>Project New Genesis is put on hold. Samuel is unable to be located, and is presumed unimportant. After three months, any information he would try to leak would be easily covered up.
>Rocket Boss Jared is found dead from Beedrill poison, which he was allergic to, in his suite. Giovanni begins his upward ascent in the ranks.
Year -20
>Giovanni becomes leader of Team Rocket. He consolidates his power over the course of a single month, and becomes untouchable.
>Project Delta is begun.
>Project New Genesis is re-started.
>Project Better is begun.
>Samuel Oak is given his degree as a Pokemon Professor. Professor Oak is quickly hailed
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Peanuts the Metagross by Xavius-Windsong Peanuts the Metagross :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 4 15 Cadman the Golurk by Xavius-Windsong Cadman the Golurk :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 4 1 Bloodlust-Carman Art Trade by Xavius-Windsong Bloodlust-Carman Art Trade :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 3 6 Nagess Battlemaiden by Xavius-Windsong Nagess Battlemaiden :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 1 7 Honchkrow Omega Lv.X by Xavius-Windsong Honchkrow Omega Lv.X :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 1 9 Kyogre Card by Xavius-Windsong Kyogre Card :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 4 18 Crystals and Scales by Xavius-Windsong Crystals and Scales :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 2 4 Eevee Islands: Eeveelutions by Xavius-Windsong Eevee Islands: Eeveelutions :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 4 6 Chikorita Card by Xavius-Windsong Chikorita Card :iconxavius-windsong:Xavius-Windsong 1 6


Slay the Spire by Victor-Sama Slay the Spire :iconvictor-sama:Victor-Sama 12 0 Bad Seed II - The Transformation Challenge by MorgansMutations Bad Seed II - The Transformation Challenge :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 2,642 313 Reformed by Underpable Reformed :iconunderpable:Underpable 2,256 260 Legend says by Dilarus Legend says :icondilarus:Dilarus 493 86 Galaxium: The Aliens by Blazbaros Galaxium: The Aliens :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 1,097 233 BIGGEST FEMALE IS BEST FEMALE by Res-Gestae BIGGEST FEMALE IS BEST FEMALE :iconres-gestae:Res-Gestae 356 269 I LIKE ZOMBIES by Lumorn I LIKE ZOMBIES :iconlumorn:Lumorn 42 5 Noi CMC by Lumorn Noi CMC :iconlumorn:Lumorn 84 9 Mega Mew by Smiley-Fakemon Mega Mew :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 841 180 Combat Evolved!: Prophet by Sketch-BGI Combat Evolved!: Prophet :iconsketch-bgi:Sketch-BGI 90 6 Fenrek Collab by The-Dapper-Scrapper Fenrek Collab :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 31 4 Tahu Nuva by The-Dapper-Scrapper Tahu Nuva :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 63 4 Rahkshi Mocs by The-Dapper-Scrapper Rahkshi Mocs :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 63 2 Combat Evolved!: Engineer by Sketch-BGI Combat Evolved!: Engineer :iconsketch-bgi:Sketch-BGI 154 5 Hey There Sailor by JessicaDouglas Hey There Sailor :iconjessicadouglas:JessicaDouglas 649 164 GOLURK variations (final) by Kurigaru GOLURK variations (final) :iconkurigaru:Kurigaru 239 14


I'm kinda like a bad case of the hiccups; I don't come back right away, but I'm always about to undergo a resurgence.

Anyways, I'm making my return to DA in order to re-ground myself in the community I was once a part of. Also, because there's only so much a of a single source of entertainment can do for me, so it's this or Netflix, and I'm not made of money.

Funny enough, though, in spite of my blog post, I'm actually about to go away. Not, like, die, or anything like that, no, I'm merely moving into a place of my own by around mid-April. As well, I'll be starting school about then, going to college and all that. It's going to be great, I'm sure of it.

In the meantime, I have packing and such to do, and I need to try stretching three packages of ramen into meals for the next two to four weeks. Whee.

If anyone wants to say 'hi' or anything, feel free. I'd love to hear from my old friends around this place. Feel free to ask questions, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability, unless you ask something really personal, like what my favorite color of underwear is. It's grey, by the way, because I like wearing neutral colors, but black underwear seems too 'trying too hard to be a goth' to me.
  • Eating: Air! It's so tasty, because it's free.
  • Drinking: Coffee and water, because I have plenty of both.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Well, I'm homeless. Yeah, big deal. At least I have food stamps, so I'm not starving.
I've recently gotten into both Bleach (the Manga, will watch the Anime later) and MLP-FiM, which has spawned some really weird artistic musings. After all, how else can you describe the image of Rainbow Dash wielding a Zanpakuto, or a quincy Twilight Sparkle hunting down Hollow-Ponies? or how about the idea of a Hollow form of Luna as Nightmare Moon, which makes a disturbing and frightening amount of sense for a stray thought?
Anyways, I've been working on making a Pony-based series of drawings, and I still need to get my Bleach inspired ones scanned in.



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