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Barbecue - Accessory Cards 4 / 4


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Panneau Sun Wu Kong


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Barbecue - Regles PDF


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Galipotes Rules PDF


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Cosmetic Driver

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Phantom Designer's Diary (Complete)

PHANTOM – DESIGNER'S DIARY (COMPLETE) by Xavier Lardy Foreword: This article was initially published in 2010 on my print & play webpage ( http://xavierlardy.deviantart.com ) in the "Hantise" folder, and revised for a publication in Board Game Geek Designer's Diary columns. I sometimes refer to the game as "Phantom", "Hantise" or "Haunted" depending on the moment of the game's life! If you want to read about the development of "Phantom" only, you can jump to Chapter VIII. "PHANTOM", THE STORY BEHIND THE GAME (A FRIGHTENING YET FUNNY TALE) Chapter I – How to become a game designer overnight – or the perils of friendly bets...

Hantise aka Haunted aka Phantom

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Le Chant des Sirenes

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Interview of Diego Gisbert Llorens

WSG – Diego - aka DiegoGisbertLlorens in deviantArt – thank you for this interview. You're a professional illustrator from Spain; and also author of "The Swordman", recently elected "Warrior of the Season" by the members of the Warrior Spirit group. How do you usually describe yourself as a person? Diego Gisbert Llorens - Oh, this one is tricky... I guess I'm basically a kid who never grew up, and I just pretend to be an adult when it comes to paying taxes and dealing with clients. I really wish I had the time to dedicate to my old hobbies, but my life is mostly about art, sports and my people these days. I also try to travel as


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