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Galipotes - Regles PDF



FR > Voici la version 2.6 des règles de Galipotes, en francais, mises à jour en août 2015. Utilisez l'option de téléchargement pour acquerir le document en PDF. Si vous developpez une variante, faites-la moi parvenir, je ferai un addendum, merci !

EN > Here is the version 2.6 of the rules of Galipotes, in french, updated in august 2015. Use the download option to get the PDF document. If you create a variation of the game, tell me about it, I'll make an addendum.
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OK, so you wanna keep me on my toes!.... I can live with that... ;)   will reflect your changes in my next revision in say: 5-7 days...OK? voila! Peter. 

A propos...
On a un vrai Patisserie Francais dans le centre-ville  maintenant... dans l'esprit de Careme... yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!  avec du bon café! sapristi! bon café en angleterre.... tu m'etonne!
allez! ciao mec!
a la prochaine!

Au cas ou tu ignore M. Careme: (d'ailleurs: il -y a un Maitre Patissier, (Eric Lanlard )qui travail souvent en angleterre avec une emission , en faites une serie, sur les delices de Careme et soi-meme, ..comment faire lest plats, les pates, les crèmes, etc.....) voir lien au dessous....

Marie Antoine Carême was the founder and architect of French haute cuisine. His story is one out of a Dickens novel.

He was one of at least 25 children born to an impoverished family who put him out on the street at the age of about 10 to make his own way in the world. Lucky for the world he knocked on the door of a restaurant for a job. He might have knocked on the door of a shoemaker!!

By the age of 21 he was chef de cuisine to Talleyrand. He also served as head chef to the future George IV of England, Emperor Alexander I of Russia, and Baron James de Rothschild. He wrote several voluminous works on cookery, which included hundreds of recipes, menus, history of French cookery, instructions for organizing kitchens, and of course, instructions for monumental architectural constructions of food for pieces montees.. He died at the age of 48, and is remembered as the “chef of kings and the king of chefs.”

Link to: "Lanlard on Careme, chez Michel Roux"…

bah oui!  mon cher Xavier, je suis gourmand........'c'est l'acte de vivre en France, Espagne etc... qui a ajoute un sens de gout..... et d'aventure dans la cuisine..... :)