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The South Face

Morning light on the south face of Mont Blanc in Alps, after a cold night near this unnamed lake...
Unfortunately, the sky was a bit empty, with no clouds, but there was also no wind so I could get this reflection...

Canon EOS 5D mkII - EF 16-35f2.8 L - Lee nd grad filter - tripod

©Xavier Jamonet

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angel88eyes's avatar
Absolutely breath-taking!
angel88eyes's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking!
TheIrishLandscape's avatar
Stunning composition.
Kojo46's avatar
Excellent transition from the rocks to the reflection, Mount Blanc, into the sky.
TW-Photo's avatar
Beautiful shot!
porbital's avatar
Your photo is featured to my journal [link]

gaaraofthechocolate's avatar
This is so beautiful!! If it were my picture, I would have included more of the sky and less of the lake...but that's just my opinion.
lizzys-photos's avatar
It didn't need anymore clouds to make it stunning - beautiful shot the way it is.
Thomas-Koidhis's avatar
Very crisp and wonderful atmosphere :)
AnnaM157's avatar
wow, nice shot :)
MidniteWolf84's avatar
Your photos are so amazing :D I think someday you should make a calendar of them. Nice shot of Montblanc :D
ohyeahagenius's avatar
A very nice shot, clouds, while they might obviously add something, really aren't necessary at all. I like the fact that this image basically has no real "center", it almost only consists of the foreground with the stones in the water and the background with the mountain, I would probably count the reflection on the water to the background in this case. I know photos of that sort where the foreground consists completely of water, which, while still pretty good I always feel then that something's missing, but here the foreground is well-chosen.
crh's avatar
perfect mirror shot. and I love the dark foreboding stones lurking under the water
dedekt's avatar
You did not need clouds at all in this shot my friend. Simply marvellous!
Snow1061990's avatar
I'm amazed by how stable the water is ? and how clean it looks like ..
this is a breath taking shot .. <3
nice work .. ( standing up and clapping )
MatthewNM's avatar
You are such a talented photographer! What an amazing picture!!
vampyrickitty's avatar
Amazing, absolutely amazing.
vevolution's avatar
I think clouds for reflection was a perfectly fair trade-off. Stunning photo.
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