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La Playita


This is a picture from my last trip in Patagonia... We were here in the deep valley of Rio Electrico, near the roofs of mount Fitz Roy. We were planning to reach the circo de Los Altares on the Hielo Continental icefield.

This morning we ad an amazing sunrise on this place called "La Playita", on the shore of Lago Electrico. The weather was amazingly quite, with no wind. Some really rare conditions in this area. These conditions offered us a great reflection of the Fitz Roy peak, in the morning glow...

These mountains are really different from what we know in France with the Alps... they're really impressive and I'll keep great remembers of this trip.

Fitz Roy area, Patagonia, Argentina

Canon EOS 5D mkII - EF 16-35f2.8 L - Lee nd grad filter

©Xavier Jamonet

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I would like to start off by saying that this is an absolutely beautiful photograph. The scene, angle, and lighting in the picture are all absolutely perfect. I would list pros and cons of the picture but it would be an enormous task to find any realistic cons to this photo. The light falling on the mountains in the upper right portion of the picture is gorgeous, the reflection of the scene on the water is all but symmetrical and absolutely stunning. I only wish the picture were larger so I could see the scene in more detail. I would also like to finish off expressing my envy of you for getting to see this majestic image in person.
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First of all let me say, this is an absolutely brilliant piece of photography.

The colours are gorgeous. There's a feeling of warmth in where the sun is setting but as well as darkness in the shadows of the mountains and rocks. The reflection is the thing that drew me to this picture the most. It is so clear and well done. And the layout of where the sun is located is perfect, it's not fully centered which I prefer. I love it.

There is nothing that I would have done difference. Gorgeous landscape and amazing artwork, keep it up!
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First of all, I think this is a true masterpiece. The uniformness and coherence in both composition and color scheme of this image is mind boggling. The beautiful settings also reminds me of one spot I frequent here (Wedgemount Lake).

The shore bend leads the eye towards the pass on the far side of the lake, while the ragged peaks reflect perfectly in the lake's calm waters. I think the watermark is very tastefully toned down, and doesn't detract from the image at all.

There are just two things that I think could be improved. In terms of the composition, half a step back might have allowed the horizon to be right on the 1/3 mark while the peaks would still fit. Maybe even in a 4:3 crop.

The perspective could also be corrected so that the reflection is perfectly symmetrical. Currently, the reflection of the rightmost peak is visibly to the left of where it would be without perspective distortion.
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This is why I love DA. You get to read an Ivan Andreevich critique of a Xavier Jamonet piece. So much awesome knowledge just floating around for free.
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As long as you frequent the right parts of dA. ;)

The weird parts... I'll leave it at that.
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Excellent critique and an outstanding photo.
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Clap Beautiful capture!
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A lake, a shot. A silent poem *_*
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Just adore this. :heart:
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Hauntingly beautiful.
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really beautiful!
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