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Frozen ridge

This is an image taken during my last photography workshop in Iceland, june 2012. Here is a block of ice from the Vatnajökull icefield, deposed on the black sand beach of Jökulsarlon by the North Atlantic Ocean.
It was about 1am, during the infinite night glow of summer.

Jökulsarlon area, Iceland

Canon EOS 5D mkII - EF 16-35f2.8 L - Tripod - Lee nd grad filter

©Xavier Jamonet

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Happy New Years! Thanks for sharing! [link]
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Stunning and original. A wonderful image.
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Wow, this is absolutely stunning!
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Fascinating job!
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Okay, I am an amateur, so this next part of the comment that I am leaving may sound really stupid, but here goes: You have a richness here that I cannot get, though I have been trying for 8 years. It's the same type of effect I see in an Annie Lebowitz photo (the more recent ones done for Disney), if that makes any sense whatsoever. What is the secret. My photos cannot seem to create the depth with tone here that you have. I understand depth of field and all that, it's the color that I can't get, even if I up the saturation (It just looks weird). Any suggestions?
You have been featured! [link]
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I thought this was a photo-manip! *STANDING OVATION* Thank You
amazin ,, love it
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Excellent contrast. The gorgeous translucency of the ice is maintained the lighting is exceptional. Mist is an effective path for the eye to follow. Might consider eliminating the white ?houses or ?waves in the distance as they distract a bit from the central block of ice.
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your beautiful work is featured in my new journal...[link]
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Thank you for sharing this beauty on DA :)
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Such a beautiful shot! The color is so vivid, and you captured the motion so well. This is such a dedicated photo, and it looks soooo gorgeous. I'd love to get your advice and some tips on improving my work! Taking photos similar to this is my dream! :)
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LOVE the fluid dynamics on this one...I have a wallpaper photo from a Windows theme on the arctic that is kind of the same thing: a time-lapse of water flowing out past ice. I agree that a little more cold white would make this photo better, but it's definitely a favorite of mine.
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really nice one, perhaps more peps on white part no? it is my taste anyway ;-)

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Oui, éventuellement un peu plus de contraste, et un peu plus de luminosité dans les tons clairs... Mais là je voulais vraiment privilégier cette ambiance de clarté blafarde qu'on a durant la nuit estivale en Islande (qui plus est avec un ciel nuageux...). On va dire que l'image correspond à 99% au fichier raw. D'une manière générale, j'essaie de plus en plus de m'affranchir de traitements lourds (et chronophages!) sur l'ordinateur.
J'ai par contre quelques autres images en stock de cet endroit, qui correspondraient mieux à tes attentes ;)
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mes gouts tu les connais.. je fais pas dans la nuance...
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You have been featured in my journal [link] :)
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Absolutely, surrealistically beautiful! Stupendous presentation!
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