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My Superman icontweaker
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create for the free sofware similar has iconpackager and very great for free good alternative !
include icon in 16\128 32 bits and cursor in 32 bits also !
if you need this sofware download at = [link]

part of my superman suite !
Enjoy !!!
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I can't bnelieve no one has commented on this yet! This is just as awesome as the original for IP. You really captured the comic style native to the cartoon. awesome!

PS. Sorry I haven't commented on your outstanding work my friend, but I don't actually have internet. I am using a wireless usb adapter to pull the signal from my apartment complex office's router signal. They gave me permission after they found out my net got cancelled. Anyways amazing work bro!
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thank you my friend and no prob !!!

"You really captured the comic style native to the cartoon"
ah!!! finally a person it is finally seen of that !thanks.
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