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Fuck the class, I'm gonna make a stopmotion proyect with a very obvious camera.
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I miss the time in School :D
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Yeah.. I just miss school
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Ball vs ball vs ball vs ball vs pencil! Cute!
your animations are marvelous and so entertaining - the background action makes it even better, can't tell why exactly, but makes me wanna wish to be there in the room with ya!
awesome work, off to watch the rest, thanksforsharing!
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danke für das nette kommentar ;)
lciam's avatar
hahahaha!!! THis one has the teacher in the background!!!
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:lol: da war jemandem ganz schön langweilig im unterricht..
(:clap: für deine kneteanimationen, die sind echt lustig!)
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hey das hier ist ja genial mir dem lehrer im hintergrund :D, hat der nichts bemerkt?

ong92's avatar
i love it how the first one is eaten XD
xatosilur's avatar
hehe thank you ;)
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and the teacher fine thanks explaining the book :P


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hast du irgendwie langeweile im unterricht?
ich sollte mir auch son knetzeugs anschaffen^^
coole sachen :)
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Did you do this during a class?
I love the motion and light in the background.
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haha I totally love this!!!
Reminds me of: :icongwomp:
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thats funny at the end
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that's so cool. the teacher is talking about something and you are making this amazing animation. so cool!
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How do you get away with this during class :O
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:D I really like how your teacher (?) moves around in the background... It's kinda cool that it ate the little ones... :)
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you amaze me! lol
truly awesome
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haha, that's great! :)
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