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Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 6
Chapter 6
You and Sherlock arrived at Hiddleston U. Sherlock stared at the huge green building that stood before his eyes. Sherlock entered the building, allowing you to tug on his coat. Part of the building had been blocked off due to the recent events, making the atmosphere very stiff. You wanted to mention the earlier events that happened today, however you felt like it wasn’t the right time.
    The silence was finally broken by the sound of footsteps approaching the two of you. “Why, you must be the famous Sherlock Holmes, I presume.” said the voice you recognized to be your teacher.  
    “Mr. Williams!” you shouted letting go of Sherlock. Mr. Williams smiled at you, and at Sherlock as he greeted you with a hug.
    “And here I thought all of my students were supposed to be at the hospital.” he mused. “I assume you want to see the crime scene? I thought the police were
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 32 10
Just Friends: Shawn Mendes x Reader Chpt. 2
Shawn and I walked to his house, catching up on each others life these past few months. Shawn told me about his experiences in America, while I told him about what’s changed in Canada since he left. Talking like this made me feel like he never left, which also made me scared of the idea that he was going to have to leave again. Shawn opened his door as we were still chatting.
“Well, well, well… look who decided to finally decided to come back home.” said Aaliyah, his sister, and looked at me with a playful smile as she turned to Shawn. “I haven’t seen you in six months too. You weren’t in the house for more than ten minutes before you-”
“Let’s go upstairs.” Shawn sharply interrupted her as he gently grabbed me by my wrist. I wave at his sister as I’m dragged up the stairs; I liked Aaliyah, even with Shawn gone I stopped by the house to see her time after time.
I threw myself on Shawn’s bed as soon as we enter
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 15 1
Just Friends: Shawn Mendes x Reader Chpt. 1
    “Hey!” I hear a voice calling for me as I awake from my daze.
    “Hey you wake up!” I now recognize the voice to be my lovely friend Maxi. “Shawn’s on TV!” she exclaimed. I slide my face from the pillow, staring at her in annoyance.
    “Is that all?” I say as I throw myself back into comfort.
    “Come on don’t be like that. Be happy for him.” She said pouting. I don’t reply to her comment. She continues. “Don’t you still like him?”
    I throw my pillow at her. “Of course I do, it’s just bittersweet not being able to see him as often you know?”
    “Aw, girl.” She snuggles me. “You should text him; it’ll make you feel better. My eyes shift.
    “Nah, he’ll be bothered.” I whispered.
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 29 4
Expectations. by xAtomicRenee Expectations. :iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 1 0
Too far, Too close: Roronoa Zoro x Reader Pt.3
            Never had you seen so many frills in one area, and they were all on your body. Kiari had put you in a bathing suit that resembled a maid uniform. It was black and white, exposing with lace around different areas. To you this was the equivalent of being naked. Your face couldn’t get redder if it wanted to and your body was permanently as hot as the sun. Customers stared at you with eyes of envy or lurking. Kiari just sat at the bar area laughing it up seeing how nervous you were to serve customers.
            The only relieving part about this is that Zoro had left to find his friends’, and he probably wouldn’t be back until later that day. Unfortunately Kiari was right about the tips, in which you should have a decent amount of money in some time. They were already piling up from the groups of perverts that roamed the small cafe. As you calmed yourself down little by
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 26 8
Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 5
    You woke up the next morning, lazing on the couch simply shifting about since there wasn’t much else to do. Sometime after, you finally hear noise that came from the kitchen, signifying that someone else has gotten out of bed. You crawl over to where you believe John’s chair is and rest your head on tip of the seat. Your arms fall off the side, flopping around like a sack of meat.
    With a familiar chuckle you hear “I just wake up and you decide to steal my seat” John says with a warm morning voice.
    “What time is it?” you ask him instead of answering his question. He sighed, and simply gave in to your request.
     “It’s 6:30”
     “Why are you up so early? I’m only here because I have nothing to do”
    You shift as you hear his footsteps move over to the couch that you had recently slept on. “Well,
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 60 13
Too far, Too close: Roronoa Zoro x Reader Pt.2
    Lost. How you ask yourself? Well, you’re not even entirely sure. Nami hadn’t figured out a master route with the short time she had to think. It was literally a straight line until she decided to take a sharp left. Somehow Zoro took the right despite your constant yelling to turn backwards. The worst part is this was your hometown and he managed to get you so lost that even you have no clue where he had taken you. You looked around; there were stores nearby so it wasn’t that bad. It was near the bay, so maybe the two of you ended up west.
    “Excuse me ma’am, what town are we in?” you inquire. Zoro is grumbling behind you annoyed that you decided to ask for directions, for some reason this insulted him. The woman you questioned greets you with a warm smile.
    “This is Twilight Town sweetie.” she replies. “It's a good place to get lost with your boyfriend though, a lo
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Too far, Too close: Roronoa Zoro x Reader Pt.1
            “Just go over and say something already!” Lulu said nudging you towards the bar.
            “I don’t need to, stop bullying me!” you reply in a whine.
            “No do it! I’ve never even seen you stare at a boy for longer than 20 seconds before; you must think he’s cute. Just go over and start a conversation don’t worry about it!” you remain silent as she continues talking. “Well, if you don’t approach him, then I will.” she huffs. “Hey green-haired boy—”
            “No! Stop it you’re embarrassing me!" you say as you put your hand on her mouth. The swordsman turned his head around as if in confusion, looking around to see if anyone was trying to
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 45 6
Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 4
    “John, stop!” You complain as the soup slowly trickled down your lip. You pouted, upset at the fact John had once again managed to miss your mouth due to his terrible aim.
    “Oh, so you’re going to blame the man with the eyesight that he is missing your mouth? Even if I am it is because your mouth isn’t opened wide enough.” he snuffed. “And do you like your soup so cold?” he added. You chuckled in amusement ignoring his questions.
    It had been three days since you’ve arrived at 221b, and now you have been getting quite accustomed to the living style. You slowly memorized the surroundings, little by little being able to move about more freely without the assistance of John and Sher— well, mostly John. Mrs. Hudson was also fond of you, having spent numerous hours together while Sherlock and John were out solving mini cases. Your injuries also exempted you from
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 53 9
Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 3
    You stumbled up the stairway as Sherlock continued to tug you to his flat. You could hear the door swing open, assuming that it was his partner, and followed both of you up the stairs. As all three of you advanced further into the building, you heard a sweet little voice that spoke with great concern. “Sherlock, who is she? Is she alright, she looks awfully worn down.”
    Sherlock looked at the lady and proceeded anyways as he replied “Not now Mrs. Hudson, I’m busy.” She gave Sherlock a sad face as her input, as always, has been ignored. “Getting some food however would be fantastic.”
    “Right now preferably” he insisted. She sighed and disappeared, possibly to complete his request. Once actually inside the flat Sherlock finally released you from his grasp. The second you took a step forward by yourself you fell flat o
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 46 18
Snuggle Time - Sherlock x Reader (One-Shot)
After solving another crime, Sherlock and John finally returned back to the flat. “Why, wasn’t that just marvelous!” Sherlock shouted in amusement. They both let out a huge laugh as you waltz up to greet them. “Welcome back you two.” you said smiling as you snuggled your way into Sherlock’s arms. He looked down at you smiling back as he pressed his lips on top of your temple.
“What have you been up to?” He said as he examined your outfit. “(f/n) are you planning to head out? We just got here.” he frowned as he slid into his chair. “’s nothing” you murmured. Oh snap, he knew that he had forgotten something. He glimpsed at your outfit again — this time for analyzing purposes— quickly looking for the mistake he had made.
Your hair was neat, neater than usual which meant that this event didn’t occur often. You had freshly reapplied lipstick, possibly done in the last twenty minutes or so.
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 118 9
Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 2
Chapter 2
After a few minutes the room quieted down again, everyone going back to their business. Most of the attention went back towards Ryan. You sat in silence for a few seconds, trying to calm yourself and recollect your thoughts. “As I was saying…” you began trailing off.
“You see — it’s hard to remember what happened. It was all so fast. The labs at Hiddleston University are quite big. At the moment there were about twenty people in the room — six of them in which I believe to be prime subjects in this investigation—  To make it safe, I would interrogate everyone however, I don’t think the rest of the people in the lab at the time had any reason to want to murder me. ” You paused. “I’m getting distracted aren’t I? I don’t believe I’m answering the question in its entirety…” you bit your lip, frustrated at your lack of concentration.
“Why do you think that the bullets w
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 59 32
Heated Temptations: BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 1
Chapter 1
“John, hurry up we’re already late!” Sherlock yelled from downstairs. He was ecstatic, it’s been ages since he and John had a case, and this time it was an attempted murder. His hands impatiently tapped the staircase handle in annoyance. “I’ll leave you” He shouted. John came trotting down the stairs as he was putting his left arm his coat. “I’m coming, just wait one more bloody second!” he grumbled.
You both jumped in the cab heading towards Asgard Hospital. The space was huge; nurses running about, people in the corner waiting for news, others crying. It was hectic, yet quietness filled the air. Sherlock and John start to walk up a fleet of stairs, looking for the room number that Lestrade had given them. You could hear them enter. ‘Two, maybe three people?’ you thought in your head. It didn’t matter to you of course; there was enough chaos in the room as is. More people was just more hassle. The
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East Blue Rap
Gol D. Roger dies leaving behind his treasure
This sparks a new era, filling pirate hearts’ with pleasure
12 years later we meet Monkey D. Luffy
He eats a devil fruit that isn’t too juicy
He becomes a rubber man and loses the ability to swim
This ends up costing Red Haired Shanks a limb
Luffy sets out to sea to become pirate king
He then meets a swordsman tied up with some string
His name is Zoro and right now he’s not so clean
He kind of got mixed up with a bunch of marines
In comes Luffy and Coby to save the day
He asks Zoro to join him and he says O.K
Next we meet a thief in a place called Orange Town
She get’s the Mugiwara’s in trouble with some clown
The man called Buggy tires to beat the Straw Hat’s
But their strongest enemy ends up being their big cat
On to Syrup Village the crew encounters a man resembling Pinocchio
His lies are bigger than the city of Tokyo
His lies may be big but he can snipe like a pro
He ends up helping finish the Black C
:iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 12 9
That Frenchgirl Sponge Thing by xAtomicRenee That Frenchgirl Sponge Thing :iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 3 1 Request: SexiiComic / OP OC Coloring by xAtomicRenee Request: SexiiComic / OP OC Coloring :iconxatomicrenee:xAtomicRenee 5 4


Nico Robin Luffy by oNichaN-xD
Mature content
Nico Robin Luffy :icononichan-xd:oNichaN-xD 1,898 227
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Animated Bear Bullet - Free To Use - by Purinrii Name: Renée

Animated Bear Bullet - Free To Use - by Purinrii Age: 18

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Heart Emote by Gasara Thanks for visiting! Heart Emote by Gasara
Hey! I know I disappeared the last few... months  Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3]  (sorry about that btw hehe).
Well I'm back and I already have some chapters on my computer, I'm just going to delay it for a few more days.
To the majority of my watchers I'm not automatically coming back to Heated Temptations since that fanfic requires a little bit more planning. I'm glad to be writing again though. Cya soon! Heart 

P.S I hope you guys like Shawn Mendes  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 


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