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Autumn Army - Bakeneko

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Published: April 9, 2010
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"A cat may become a bakeneko in a number of ways: it may reach a certain age, be kept for a certain number of years, grow to a certain size, belong to a deceased person or be allowed to keep a long tail. This superstition may have some connection to the breeding of the Japanese Bobtail. A cat might also become a bakeneko in order to aid a human to whom it owed a favor."
"A famous bake-neko story involves a man named Takasu Genbei, whose pet cat of many years went missing just as his mother's personality changed completely. The woman shunned company and took her meals alone in her room, and when the curious family peered in on her, they saw not a human being but a feline monster in the old lady's clothes, chewing on animal carcasses. Takasu, with much reluctance, slew what looked like his mother, and after a day had passed the body turned back into the same pet cat that had gone missing. After that Takasu miserably tore up the tatami mats and the floorboards in his mother's room, only to find the old woman's bones hidden there, gnawed clean of flesh. " (c) Monstropedia
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KeIIionHobbyist Writer
such a beautiful artwork 
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But I heard nekomata can get six split tails 
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A bakeneko might resemble an ordinary cat, except walking about on two feet. It could also take the form of a human, and sometimes it was said to have three or seven tails. When the tail forks in two, the bakeneko is then called a nekomata (猫又, 猫叉, or 猫股 "forked cat").
It is often confused with the nekomata, and the distinction between the two is vague. A cat that had already become a nekomata might become a bakeneko after living a bit longer, but sometimes this order of transformation was reversed.
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she looks a good fighter 
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keykeyx10000Hobbyist General Artist
Very educational, I like that you created this with a purpose.
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TRZarakiHobbyist Artist
Не любят котэ мифологи разных стран, а на самом деле приятные существа (если спиной к ним не поворачиваться). :)
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А иначе - бэкстаб))
Да лис тоже очень "любят", кстати говоря, так что это нормально...
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