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Operating System: #! with 2.6.28-15-generic kernel
Shell of choice: bash

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xargs, awk, sed, evolvotron_render


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What is xargs? A useful command. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xargs Who is Xargs? Girl, artist, Linux/FOSS enthusiast, Debian/Crunchbang user.  Unlike xargs the command, I am indifferent to a large number of arguments. Normally, I draw things the hard way, with a pencil or a wacom tablet. But over months of playing with Evolvotron, I've saved up plenty of function scripts that might be useful.  In the spirit of open source, I'll unleash them into the world in a separate DA account, here, instead of letting them collect more virtual dust.
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just now I understand what xargs stands for. Really funny.
Dear Xargs,
I work with a non-profit-making organisation and we are in the process of developing our new website. We very much like some of your art, such as Rainbow, or Dreamwidth, Field, Glowing_Heart, Goldeneye. Would you allow us to use them on our website? To give you an idea of the content, the website is ipsgeneva.com. At the moment the site is very simple and static, we are looking forward to making it more colourful and dynamic.
thank u so much for the fav!