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A Worthy Opponent

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A knight wishing to improve his skills.
A warrior of ancient times sealed away for fear his power was too great.
One wish was made, having the wish-granting comet reaching through the fabric of time and space to bring back this warrior of an unknown past. Unleashed from his crystal bonds and free to roam the galaxy once more; is this a mistake the Gamble Galaxy will have to pay for dearly?


Aaaand here it is, finally; the companion piece to this one, which I've been meaning to do for a good while now (and this is the first time I've actually been at a great loss as to what catchy title to come up with... :/ ) . This time the hyperactive, hot pink, feather-winged knight gets to make his entrance, and he's fully intent on making said entrance in style; sparkling crystal shards all over the place and all, knowing what a fabulous Pimp Lord he is. =P Now I know the way he breaks out of his crystal prison isn't exactly true to canon in KSSU, since this is not the way it looked like when Nova summoned him. But I felt compelled to display his liberation in this way anyway, since it was simply the most aesthetically appealing way to present it. :P Oh, and he just needed all that bling, because. Well. Pimp Lord. :XD:

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Your choice! Or why not all of them? ;P

Critique and feedback is always welcome!


Technique: Digitally painted from scratch
Tools: Photoshop CS4 and Wacom tablet
Original resolution: 4352×6412 pixels
Time taken: next time I’ll have a good time estimate, I swear -_-

Galacta Knight and Nova © HAL Laboratory, Inc./Nintendo

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© 2017 - 2021 Xarcahn
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Where do I start with this piece, well, I'll start by saying that I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by it.
This piece gets so many things right on so many levels, firstly, there's the composition, the main focus is Galacta Knight, who is placed nicely in the center of the image.
next the pose, which is very interesting as well, usually when I see art of Galacta Knight, his ( I know they never say that it's a he, but this'll be much easier to write if I refer to him as a him. ) wings are usually spread evenly, and his lance drawn over his head or at his side, but you chose to make a variation on these poses, by having the right wing slightly folded, and the lance pointed towards the viewer, as if he were charging forwards them (or about to at the very least), it's a nice change from a lot of the other Galacta Knight art I've seen.
Continuing with Galacta Knight, I must say there's a lot of little details I really do adore, such as the gauntlets you've added to his gloves, very similar to the ones Meta Knight wears in SSB4, it's a small detail, but a nice one. also, something I really like is the angle at which his head is tilted, his head is slightly cocked upwards, in an almost arrogant, yet challenging way, as if to say "You've summoned me here, so show me what you've got", or even the feathers in the wings, again, these are all small details, but sometimes it's the smallest of details that make the biggest impact.
one last detail I'd like to note, since I've rarely ever seen it in any other art is the inside of the shield, it's something I've rarely ever seen, so it's a nice touch.
Next I'd like to talk about the background, which is fantastic! the amount of detail in this background is phenomenal,from the light from the explosion in center seeping through the cracked rocks that are flying from the same explosion, to Nova's smug face, staring down at the chaos it's unleashed.
the one thing I really REALLY adore about this background though, is the colors, they all blend together fantastically, especially the blues and purples, which always go excellently together due to their closeness on the color spectrum.

Overall, this is a fantastic piece, and I applaud you for it.
And I honestly can't find anything I don't like about this piece, so it gets five stars across the board! keep up the fantastic work!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Here goes my first critique:

In what is now your newest artpiece, you have drawn Galacta Knight bursting from his crystal seal after being summoned by Nova. What makes this piece so interesting is your attention to detail with each shattered fragment of the seal once encumbering the warrior, with each and every fragment being beautiful on it's own. in the background, you can see Nova gazing upon us with what appears to de a sadistic smile at the camera. The cool thing about this is how the eyes are multi-colored, with a pupil resembling that of a cat. With the eyes being half closed and nova leaning away from the camera, you can be lead to the conclusion that Nova wants to see you die for summoning the strongest warrior in the galaxy. Lastly, there is the burst of loght from the knoght himself, which is the main source of illumination in the piece. The shadows on the rocks, as well as the highlights, as well as the shadows on Nova, all stem from this spot. One last thing about Nova: if you look at him closely, you can make out some of the instruments around his rim. Nice touch on that.

The next topic is the knight himself. Similarly to all else in this picture, the shadows on him come from right behind him. With his wings spread wide, one might notice that the tips of them towards the middle are pointing different ways. This is not a problem, for it makes sure the character is less symmetrical. On the topic of the wings, each feather is well done, qith the shadows at the bottoms of them. Now here comes my first criticism. Due to the pose that the knight is in, he is leaning back slightly from the camera, causing two problems. First is with the mask. The eyeholes seem flat, or in other words, on the same level as the rest of the mask. With how three-dimensional the rest of the piece is, it especially stands out. There is also the spear. Due to the angle it is coming at the camera from, it seems to be...Aw nuts, I don't know the word for this. It is drastically fatter at the bottom, with it seeming to be maybe about half as long as it should be as a result. Those are my only criticisms with this piece. Everything else is some high-quality Xarcahn.

On to the topic of originality: although I have seen some artwork of this, none of it was nearly as hogh-quality as this. What makes yours unique is it's attention to detail. As I said, every crystal shard is it's own mastepiece. That level of detail simply isn't present in other artworks. What makes this piece truly unique for me is Nova. While some pieces will have Nova just kind of hovering there in the background, you gave Nova an aura of malice, something completely unexpected for a feline clockwork comet. This is undeniably the best artwork of this around.

I's say this will make a fine addiction to my collection, and congratulate you for yet another look into what is almost

True perfection.

You sought out to create some artwork of Galacta Knight being summoned by Nova. In that respect you failed. You didn't create artwork. You created a feast for the eyes. A plate of pure satisfaction. A skillful reimagining of a climax lf a game. You didn't create artwork. You created perfection.

May my mind and others feast upon your works for years to come.
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man I love your artstyle!
DiaDaim's avatar
I love it!!!!! It's soooo cool!Love 
CelticQuailKnight's avatar
I feel like NOVA looks much too pleased with himself for unleashing this XD
MegalodonPrime's avatar

he be like: there's no Marx to crash into me this time

OK. ->




GO! ->
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Powerful entry. I'm not familiar with kirby-san, but his wing and the crystallized stones look awesome!
Xarcahn's avatar
Thanks, bud! :D This character isn't actually Kirby himself, but an antagonist from the Kirby game series: Galacta Knight

Again; big thanks buddy, I'm happy that you like this one! :D
Pitsuca's avatar
Well you're welcome. And thanks the education, i think i was gonna die stupid without the kirby family tree...
Xarcahn's avatar
Thank you most humbly, bud! ^^
Psyknight72's avatar
Absolutely awesome! You're skills are god tier!

I love how Galacta knight still looks badass even doing a "Galactanoes" 
Xarcahn's avatar
Big thanks, bud! God tier might be a bit of a stretch, but thanks again! ;P

Hahaha! XD You're right about him doing a 'Galactanoes'; I never thought about it while making this pic! XDD
Gosh, I wish there was a PLZ-account for that one... X)
Psyknight72's avatar
You're welcome! Well, you're right, maybe God tier is too much but we can't deny that your drawing skill are awesome hehe

I don't know how plz-accounts are done but If I learn to do one I will do this xD
RedBlueIsCool's avatar
I can't say anything other than awesome really.
Xarcahn's avatar
Haha, sometimes small words are good enough! :D
Many thanks bud! :dummy:
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Very good job ... I loved it
Xarcahn's avatar
Thanks a lot, bud! I'm glad to hear you like this one! :D
Hedgey's avatar
Wow this is incredible, I love all the detail especially in the background, fantastic work!!
Xarcahn's avatar
Thank you so much bud! The details are always the most fun to make! Glad you like 'em here! :D
Hedgey's avatar
You're very welcome ^^
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Yup. Okay. Right. That's simply amazing. Holy cow.
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