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Deviation Actions

Wow, putting my first real painting on deviantart seems to have paid off!  

Recently got asked by :iconcenturion13: to add something to the  TRO:3063 project and am working my bum off to not disappoint.  A lot of my linework and special effects in Rolling Thunder are pretty rough since I did it mostly for fun and to see if I could, indeed, do a decent-looking painting in photoshop.  Since I'm actually getting paid for this piece, though, I've got to step up my game and clean things up a bit.

Picked a couple of the 'Mechs from the TRO that fit two criteria:  1) They could reasonably be found in a mercenary company with friendly relations towards the soon-to-be overrun St. Ives Compact.  2) I like them.  Also giving them VTOL support in the form of one of the helicopters found in the TRO.

Of course, it's not going to be easy for mercs to face off against a 100-ton Capellan Gausszilla on treads.   

Also managed to convince him to let me have a crack at gussying up some of the art for the FWL entries, too.  Marik's Row Represent!
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Chris, I posted the final cover piece on my dA page. You can post it if you like - you and Anthony did great work.
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Glad to help you kick things off. You have a lot of talent, and perhaps this will be the way you go. Just be sure to remember me when you join Iglesias... I'll be telling folks I 'knew you when'.