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This weekend I'll be at Heroes Con booth AA-813. Drop by and see me if you're going. I'll be working on some new Western pages, sandwiched between my friends James Whynot and Larry Watts and taking commissions. Hope to see you there.
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Chaser Platoon - which I colored, in comics shops July 2017.…
The issue I wrote of Decisions will be in the July catalog of Previews for preorder.

Just finished up a pitch packet for a new project and got a new art desk - we'll see how it goes.
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Got to pencil this project - you can see pages in my gallery.
$6 dollars for the full-length graphic novel and game all in one digital downoad…
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I'm going to NYCC for the first time! I'll be in booth AA18 if anyone wants to stop by and say hi or pick up any work. PM me if you'd like to pre-order any commissions. Check out my gallery to see some past commissions if you're curious.
Shadowpact by xaqBazit

70's Defenders by xaqBazit
Batman and the Outsiders by xaqBazit

Freedom Fighters Commission by xaqBazit
Big Barda Sketch Cover by xaqBazit
Batwoman Cover by xaqBazit

Zatana Sketch Cover by xaqBazit
FCBD Wonder Woman Sketch by xaqBazit

DFC day 2 by xaqBazit
DCF day 1 by xaqBazit
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  • Drinking: water… I'll be in an anthology that is in this month's previews catalog in case anyone felt so inclined to ask your comic shop to order one. And thanks to anyone who was kind enough to back the kickstarter. You can see some previews here
Signs Of Life - teaser panels by xaqBazit

Signs Of Life - page 1 art by xaqBazit
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Seemed redundant to fill the internet with the same thing twice so visit my blog of you want to read my feelings on it.
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Just passed 100 pgs on the Endless Incident graphic Novel, 24pgs to go - I'm in the home stretch. Been able to stay fairly motivated. Did end up in the hospital a about a month ago and took 2 weeks off, but I made up for some of it this weekend and I hope by the time I finish I can close the deadline gap. Been able to keep pretty consistent at penciling 5 pgs/wk. I've been lucky enough to have gotten to do a handful of other fun things while on the project which doesn't usually happen. So far this year is going great!
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Haven't been as active on DA for a while but I have some interesting projects lined up I should be able to show on here in the near future so stay tuned.
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Cosmic times comic is running a deal right now on the two issue series I penciled and cowrote called "from blood, both oversized issues together for only $6 plus s+h. There are at least 7 pgs in my gallery for you to preview, so if you'd like to support me and give it a try place your orders now here
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Some new interviews and reviews on my work.… comic book interviews… invest comics interview from blood part 1 review… Nerd Nation Podcast roundtable interview
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Wrote a big rant on artists changing styles on my blog if anyone wants to check it out its right -->…
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  • Reading: crisis on infinite earths - still!!!!
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Finally got around to cleaning up my gallery. I've been a member for almost 6 years and had over 500 deviations. I doubt anyone gets past the first 3 pages or so, so if you're looking for anything its probably in my scraps and now that I've moved them half my links on my blog probably don't work. So that's another task. A lot has been changing in my life and I'm definitely headed in a new direction. My whole perspective on comics and art has changed, the reality of the business has really hit home. I probably got another year of solid material then I may back off a bit if no one comes knocking, and focus more on my personal life.
In many ways (in my opinion) a starving artist is a fine lifestyle as long as it's just  the artist. As soon as you get a girlfriend, wife, kids etc it really starts to become clear the trade off your making as far as how you spend your time and the benefit or outcome that your time, lack of sleep, work, research etc has on those around you. That's a hard bull to ride for too long. But my heart and mind are still in it, just don't know if I can justify doing it instead of other things anymore.
But as one of my favorite pages in comics history (by Moebius and Stan Lee) says more eloquently than I can express here...

"It is not given to us whether we shall succeed or not. In failure there is no disgrace. There can be but one ultimate-shame... The cowardice of not having tried."…
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  • Reading: crisis on infinite earths - still!!!!
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No West to Cross #1 is out now for free on the 215ink iPad app - which is also free and I'll be at Megacon 2012 at the Cosmic Times Comics booth will be premiering 3 books I worked on this last year: Decisions 2, From Blood 1 and Souled 2. I'm excited, and hope to meet some of you guys there.
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Dynast:The Rise of Bherek White, which is to be published by Shatterday Comics. You can expect the book around July-Aug.
Also in Aug Kord and Harley: 7 deadly sins, which I inked 1 1/2 issues out of will be published, you can find more here -->…
I also wrote a story for the Japan Needs Heroes anthology, called "Frozen Hopes" Which is my first writing exclusive project, which will be published in the next month or two.
And lastly the 11'oclock comics anthology is debuting this week at the Summit City Comic Con, which me and James did the art for the Battle of Hastings story in it. You can find more about it here -->…

And an update on "From Blood," which was not independently published as an issue but will instead be finished out and both issues combined into a 64pg graphic novel and published by Alterna comics sometime in the next year, hopefully.
I'm also currently penciling a 3-issue series for 215 ink, 2 issues for Blue Water, and just finished Decisions issue 2 for Cosmic Times comics.
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Proud to announce me and James will have the 1st issue of our 1st series that is all us - meaning we created it all. "From Blood" #1 of 2 will be 30pgs long, black and white interior and a color cover. The price should be around $3.00 and will premiere at Mega Con 2011. It will be lettered by Angela Falvey. The cover pencils can be seen in my gallery here -->…
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wow, i came back from heroes con and had more fav adds and dev watch adds than i've ever had. Thanks to everyone for getting my work out there. Look for me at the What the Flux booth at Fl Supercon later this month. thanks again.
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I'll more than likely be at the What the Flux booth durring most of Megacon which is located in the Orange Section of Artist's Alley, booths 21-23. Anyone else going? Be sure to stop by, there's previews of the work I'll have there in my gallery and on my blog -->…
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Some of my recent super-hero work just saw digital print, you can read for yourself by following the link on my blog. I may be posting the original black and white art here soon as well.…
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Went to the Orlando Mini-con and got a job with "What the Flux Comics!" I'll be inking a few issues, just finished my first cover for Concrete Dove issue #2 (still have to color it) and then I'll probably doing inks and pencils for the same series. I have officially moved all the way up to nearly-starving artist, woot! You can see more on my blog here =>…
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