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ALIAS: Team Hatoful member Xaq.
Sporadic sketcher. Stuff comes up here from time to time.
EDIT: Not anymore, actually. I keep this gallery as a repository for some of my favorite older works, but nowadays my artwork goes on the following locations (fair warning, there's a fair bit of NSFW stuff on the first one):

Favourite genre of music: Basically everything. (Admittedly not keen on rap.)
Favourite style of art: See music, with preference to CG anime.
Operating System: Mac OSX and Windows 10.

Favourite Visual Artist
Heizo, Satoshi Urushiha, Tony Takara
Favourite Movies
The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Games
Princess Waltz
Favourite Gaming Platform
Room Escapes
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, paper, scanner
Other Interests
Anime, CCG Design, Magic: the Gathering
Okay, I think it's well beyond time to admit to the fact that I won't be adding anything to this gallery anymore. Not that I don't still draw or anything, it's just that most of the stuff I draw these days wouldn't be right for this place. That being said, if you want to check out anything I do from here on out, here's a few sites you can find me at: http://www.weasyl.com/~wilren (This is my main gallery now. NSFW warning on some of the stuff I upload. Yes, I know, it's a furry artsite. Get over it.) http://xaqanvas.tumblr.com (My general art blog. Also some NSFW stuff.) Anyway, that's that. I'll keep my older stuff on here (and my REALLY
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Wow. Seems all I use my journal entries for is to let people know where they can find my more mature artwork at. Oh well. Anyway, you can find my Ecchi gallery here now. Enjoy.
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Due to some conflicts with dA policy, Ashura's gallery has more or less gone dead in the water...here, anyway. So while you can still find my older crap at xaq.deviantart.com, the more risque things are now here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asuracalibre/ Well, that's it.
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I did not know you had a DA
If you're wondering why I chose to mix portal 1 with Sub_3, it's because I have this knack for drawing parallels in lots of stuff. There will be a mod that mixes MYST with Half-Life 2 as well, and my YouTube channel has a lot of music videos made the same way. [link]

And a video of two maps for the portal mod. [link]
Thanks kindly for the fav :D

Whatchoo up to these days, Willzaq? You still in the area?
Not even close...last year, after my enlistment finally ended, I moved back in with my folks to help them around the house, including building a new one.

Said houses are in Nome, AK. "Middle of nowhere" doesn't even describe how remote this place is. The nearest -stop light- is a 2-hour plane flight away, fercryinoutloud. :[

I'll admit, there's a lot of things about this place up here that I absolutely love, but there's more than a few days where I wouldn't mind being back in the DC area. I really liked it there.
Bah. D: At least you're alive and well--that's always good to know.

Let us know if you plan on attending any cons--maybe we can meet up!
If I'm ever able to get to another con, I'll definitely try. :]
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