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“Oh… ARCEUS… are you KIDDING?” He snarled in protest, rattling the half ruined pages as though he could reach through time and shake the researchers by the scruff. The small Corsola and Oshawott he’d picked up shivered next to him, probably, he assumed, because he was so soaked from this trip that he resembled their native habitat under more peaceful circumstances.
Arceus he’d never been so drenched. He missed -sand-. He did not think he should rationally miss sand and scorching sun but he did. He just wanted to be home, but there was no easy way back, not with… not with those things out there, lightning up the sky with flashes of lightning that made his whole body ache and twitch with the memory of trying to help fend them off long enough for the local wildlife to fortify their defences.  He was cold, and -wet- and he -hurt- and there were painful burns where he’d been shocked… Gil even sagged against him, wet banner flapping
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Gossip- (Frank and Francis)
 "Actually I'm glad you weren't there." Francis challenged, carefully holding a delicious, crusty pastry over his plate, so that the buttery shards it flaked free would not cover his suit. "I'd ask you to stop... stop dabbling in these terrible things but I have a strong feeling it wouldn't do the slightest bit of good."
 Frank, shrugged in that particular way he had, the one that had Francis entirely convinced he would use exactly the same shrug if he were faced by God, The Devil, or Firing Squad. 
 "Still, I feel it was a shame. Sounds a lot more unique than the thing I saw. None of them had antlers, and that assumes they weren't drunk or put the wrong sort of thing in the soup." He crossed his legs, leaning back and stroking his carefully shorn chin. "Suppose you're right though, I won't get terribly far if the local constabulary has it in mind that I'm behind this nonsense. I mean, seems as though someone ought to be looking into it. I'd swear to you that ugly c
:iconxaotl:xaotl 3 2
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Pakhet Dancing
So I have a couple Elnin, but mostly haven't drawn them, mostly because I feel like I struggle with their body type. So I decided to practice with my first elnin, who I got when there was a CYOP sale and I had an unexpected windfall of cash. She's my first Elnin, and the one I am -most frequently- asked by -complete strangers- to trade. Its not going to happen, she's very personal to me and is based on a lost pet. 
Beach-Mouse Taur- (Closed: MadMouseMedia)
 35$ Flatsale

 Comes with a separate file without the poncho and tank top on:

 She's based on a St. Andrew Beach Mouse
   Apparently there are six different species of Beach Mouse, one of which is even monogamous, unlike most mice, and I believe all are endangered. This little redhead and her trident and shell-shield are prepared to endanger others though. 

 Crossposted on FA:… Please check
Shiro would like :iconenalon:'s Ame to please stop trying to kidnap, adopt, steal, borrow, and possibly even look at baby Beblune's that do not explicitly belong to them please. 
 Seriously put that back. You're gonna get in trouble, man. 

Just kind of a messy colors and 'pencil' sketch, I'll do something with inks later but right now I'm just trying to get the feel of the character. <3

Thanks to :icontauntedoctopus: for buying me this extremely cute kiddo!!
BunnyTaur- (CLOSED)- Velnyx
35$ flatsale
 -has an available extra art set without the top which will be delivered on the side to the purchaser. 

She was a lot of fun to draw while thinking about the concept that a lot of prey animals are entirely capable of Effing-shit-UP. Rabbits included. 
The Beast- Auction Open
A Legendary Woodwife has Appeared!

Emerging from the Wood for our fiftieth official Woodwife is a Great Beast, a Legendary Woodwife who it appears got the short end of a stick dealing with the tempermental and dangerous creatures of the Wood, as this particular Woodtouch does not appear to have come with obvious advantage. While they are vastly physical powerful, and retain a (magical) ability to still speak, they suffer from the other qualities associated with their new form, being monsterous, and lacking some of the dexterity that comes with having five fingers and not modified hoof-hands. 

Their story is in your hands, and additional powers MAY be discussed with the staff, but not all gifts of the wood are positive, and this particular Woodwife will face some particularly unique struggles, as there is no spell available to them that will hide their monsterous appearance. 

 SB: 50$

 AB: 200$

 MI 1$

No points please- be kind to your fellow bidders, Auction ends 48 hours after final bid. Please bid after the featured comment in a chain.

If you want you can use this adopt elsewhere, but he gets special in game status in :iconwoodwives:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

 Hey folks!
  As you may have seen there's an multi option event going on with some new characters for :iconwoodwives:

The Great BeastSince it's May 1st perhaps we should kick off with hoping everyone has a great Beltane
But as you might have guessed that's not all we're here for with this new month.
As we did the listing of owned charcters we realized we had a count of 49 woodwives, not including a couple mages, sorcerers... and Frank. Hi Frank.  and decided to roll out something wild for the big Five Oh.

We have not one but three characters up for offer now, and one to follow: 
In the center we have "The Beast" A Legendary woodwife, twisted so much by whatever they encountered in the wood that they no longer pass for human at all, and their bluebird familiar. Part of their woodtouched abilities include the fact that they are still capable of human speech, a significant feat given the new shape of their mouth and those formidable tusks. Other powers may be discussed with the mods, but as may be obvious, someone wasn't in a gift givin

 As we're always looking for new people to come join us and help build our setting, I'm offering a Sketch raffle for those who help us advertise the event: it can either be of your Woodwife or of another character of your choice. (One character please! But if people want to upgrade I'll take the price of a one person sketch off the cost of commission if you advertise)

 Please post here if you do, so I can keep track of who has, one ticket per person, and don't forget to check out the Write to Adopt, which is free!


Heather Salmon
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Favourite cartoon character: Ben Daimio from BPRD, and Kamala Khan


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