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I...wish I could say this has gotten M*A*S*H out of my system. It hasn't. I still desperately want to draw them normal-sized-but-cartoony, like I did for Firefly in the project.
I. Am so. In love. With this show. My Obsession d'Jour, as it were, but I think I'm very very slowly coming out of it. Definately love the original crew best. I love Potter, and Winchester's great because a)he holds his own against Hawkeye and BJ, b)he's actually a good doctor and c)he has those humanizing moments that make him special. And BJ is okay. A great human being, cute enough, but nowhere near as much fun as Trapper. And certainly not half so gorgeous.

Yes, yes, I'm in love with Trapper McIntyre. And Father Mulcahy. Because of course I find characters from a show 30+years old hot, despite the fact that the actors are all old and stuff now. I never have a normal obsession. Ah well. Mmm...Trapper, with your cynical worldview and that crooked smile...

So yeah, Klinger bein' his wacky self, Fr. Mulcahy trying half-heartedly to reign the lads in, Hawkeye courting Hotlips while an enraged Frank whines, unaware of the snake Trapper's about to drop down his shirt, and Radar getting Henry to sign something that for all Henry knows could be weekend passes for everyone.

Funny, I got Hawk with Hotlips, but if I've got a single ship in the show, it's Trapper/Margret.

But I love 'em all. Even Frank. He makes the funniest noises...

EDIT: Dangit, I knew I got Henry's sweater wrong. Stupid reversed colors....*grumble*
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