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2014summary by Xantaria 2014summary by Xantaria
Another year, another summary. -Deep breath-

Jan: Photography. A humorous picture of Raptor Jesus wyrm on a bible. 'Nuff said.

Feb: New OC (Euan the weresheep) for an RP group which I later ended up not keeping up in activity with. I love the little guy but I got far too busy to keep up Dx My bad!

March: The Minispris group had a project on to draw your OC as a card from Cardcaptors. I drew Plum as The Dark.

April: A gijinka of my Moss Hoarder wyrm, Dronble. Art made for the art stats id card things i've been making for them all.

May: This is one of two mule wyrms I sculpted for :iconcruinndracfarms: to sell. I adore this wyrm x3 She was based on a river and lilypads. This particular one is owned by InfernoKin and the photo was taken by them. I have their permission to use the photo in this deviation.

June: GROWLERS. I drew this picture of growlers and wyrms for a homemade con badge I laminated ready for AnthroCon. I wore it at said con in July.

July: I acquired two High Mountain Growler wyrms at Anthrocon, and this is a gijinka of the female. She's a real nasty piece of work of an Alpha female.

Aug: Commission piece of a friend's cutie patootie little character. Belongs to :iconzombich:

Sep: Alas, with a heavy heart, I felt the need to 'retire' my old fursona pair. As much as I adore them entirely and still use them as OCs which I draw, they didn't feel suitable as my representative anymore. So, with much condensing and drawing and fussing, Tilly was created. Tilly is part ringtailed lemur, part bat. She's everything I love and adore and I hope to get refs done of her sometime.

Oct: I am an avid Flight Rising player, and I adore faes.. and pixel art! I sell customised pixel fae art on the FR forums, these are two snips of examples I created.

Nov: CAUSE I'M FEELIN' LIKE A GHOST... yeah. The fandom hit me hard. Lewis of the Ghost Fanimation for Mystery Skulls.

Dec: Another commission from chickensmoothie for site pets. Character belongs to user paris;; on chickensmoothie (….

Meme base:
All characters belong to myself or their respective mentioned owners.

:iconalmamonster: :iconminispris: :iconcruinndracfarms:

All featured works from this summary that are on DA:…
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