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dante X vergil++after recess..

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Published: July 27, 2005
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another random doodle I made while in class... X3 man... I really have no time to draw beautiful illustration!!! >.< please forgive me for keep sending all this doodles!! gomennasaaaiiii!!! >.<

hohoo.. I'm so bored during drawing class...all da lecture is about ancient art history in Europe! come on!! this is not a history class!!!!! O.O at first I just draw random guy in my sketchbook... I dunno how it turn into this...XD

I wondering how was Vergil and Dante faces when they still in high school.. even though they're demon they have to go to school too u know!! because they're half human! Vergil looks boring same with my feeling at the time I drew this pic... and Dante still dreaming about pizza that he ate when recess! XD random teacher.. hahaa... my hand just keep sketching and doodling.... :D

huhuu.. I wanna dante and vergil to be together.. being happy brothers... and most charming twins I've ever seen in my entire life!:heart:
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Vergil : Brother....
Dante : ...zzzz...nomnom....zzzz
Vergil: Seriously Dante....
Dante : zzpizzaaazzz
Teacher : One is sleeping... the other is shouting ... DETENTION BOTH OF YOU !
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Imagine the mayhem they might cause in middle and high school.
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Onii-sama is just like me in class, bored out of my mind sleeping in class. Very nice doodle.
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KikenNaGameProHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaw this is so cute! I love your drawing style. It's like a rough sketch, but at the same time smooth
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I agree~~!

Hey, does anyone know if Vergil and Dante identical twins, or are they just fraternal?
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hadonosanyosanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dante, you killer XD Dante's expression is the same as mine on my physic and math lessons -.-"
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If they are ordinary human, they would live together as family...
Love to daydream about them grow up together...

Even though both have their hair down, it's easy to tell them apart... :D

Ohhhh~~~ Vergil, you are sooooo cute~~~ :heart:
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Such Hottie Twins....I cant choose....Can i have both of them? lol :giggle:

Dante and Vergil... :iconinloveplz:
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Emo-Red1997 Traditional Artist
lol cute
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I am surprised that the teacher is more concerned about Dante sleeping then the fact that she has teenaged students with white hair. :-D
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I feel like Dante and I would get along well if we were schoolmates ; u ; ~does exactly the same thing in every class~
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kimix469Hobbyist Digital Artist
Teacher: Vergil stop sleeping in class
Vergil: you mean Dante
Teacher: I don't care just wake up
Vergil: i'm already awake DX
Dante: pizza~~~~

lol =D
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ya.... Dante (who's sleeping) is sooooooooooo me and Vergil who's studying is soooooo like my brother cept he'd trip me over just to wake me up ;3;
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MichiyoTaikiStudent Digital Artist
Cuuute :3 I want to see their faces too when they where at school xD Dante always thinking about pizza and ice cream :3
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i love dante and virgil too they the hottest twins eva
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That is an awesome doodle! It's too bad they don't get along. Seriously a shame
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Dante and Vergil Rocks >.<

nice Draw, remind myself in class of "introduction to the philosophy of language" XD
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yiiiaiii xD!!! love it
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This is a "doodle"?! It's awesome! And the concept is so funny! ^o^
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The teacher is Bayoneta!!!! :O
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BlindscapeHobbyist General Artist
i know how dante feels
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awww normal life dmc boys~! love
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crazy4anime2Student Traditional Artist
lol i can imagine dante doing that
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Awww, that's a lovely dream. They are one of my favorites duo:love:
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