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Trigun+never ending song

After been waiting for 10 years... Trigun have come to the end!! T_T OMG the legacy of Vash the Stampede will never die!!!

Trigun have influenced my life, it's the first comic that introduced me the truth of 'brotherly love' and so the story continues...

I'm glad it's all end in happy ending, thank you Nightow sensei for entertaining me for these 10 years!! I love u! :hug:

LOVE AND PEACE!!! :heart:

Vash the Stampede and Million Knives from Trigun belongs to Yasuhiro Nightow

art by xanseviera09
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I know exactly how you feel! For years any money I saved (or sometimes begged for) went into buying Trigun manga. I loved the anime and found, to my infinite delight, that the manga was even better. I often found myself wondering how Nightow could possibly end it, and he exceeded all my expectations. Vash's endless compassion never ceases to amaze me. I can only hope some of it has rubbed off on me over the years.
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love this series and these characters so damn much.
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now that I know what this is about I can really respect it. I love it!
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I have to say this was one of my favorite sences in the magna. Though i am fairly surprised that they have those wings and finally use them to fly XD
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man, all these comments got me kinda bummed. i took it that Knives just teleported away like he always did, not fading away in death. :sniff: besides, there would have been some kinda reaction from Vash if he'd really died.

anyway, love the pic. but what happened to Vash's arm?
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I don't think Vash will show his real emotion about his brother's death, (reminds me of Devil May Cry though) but yeah I still think the same way you do, hoping Knives will pop out somewhere again and having amnesia :), oh Vash got false arm, it's part of his arm @ machine gun.
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i wouldn't say real emotion, but you think there'd be a frame or two where you'd see the shock on his face. the whole thing's so open-ended you gotta believe Knives is out there. :D

sorry i forgot it got destroyed in that fight. :blushes:
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Beautiful, its truly amazing what one anime can do for a whole genaration...
i dont know how you were able to do it but... you seemed to capture almost every aspect that i love about trigun. beautiful
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is it vash? His hair...hmm he looks like L from DN)
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I LOVE TRIGUN! But I don't know how the manga ended. I collected 7 or 8 books but they kept delaying the rest of the books for months. So I never really got to finish them. Did Vash die? What happened between him and Meryl? What happened to Meryl and Millie?

Make like putty and fill me in. Please.
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Vash and everyone else survived but Knives is dead after saving Vash's life, he even grown an apple tree by his own power before he gone :) it's both sad and happy ending mix together, I really hope this series will never end.
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I think it is Vol.14, right? A news for you and others..there will be Trigun movie coming soon!!!
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I heard about the news early July but what is the exact date?? tell me if the movie already available :D
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"In July 2009, at The Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, California, Yasuhiro Nightow and Satoshi Nishimura held a panel for the movie. Shigeru Kitayama and Noriyuki Jinguji also appeared to promote the movie. During the convention a trailer was showed depicting characters of the movie.

The film will be animated by the same company that animated the television show, Madhouse."-Trigun, Wikipedia

There is website show of a trailer plays sneak peek view as well. Go to [link] or MillyT deviantART account page.;) ;)
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happy ending? knives but if it dies, its uses little power he has left to make the apple ~ T ~ T
You are a perfect
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at least Knives did not die with anger and frustration, he still saved Vash and that.. apple.. tree..*sobs* don't make me cry agaaaiinnn!!! T__T

thank u!:heart:
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I cry a lot with that final sentence that, if they watch the scene and tired eyes of knives, repentance was noticeable, and could not avoid mourn, I am left with almost the end of the anime, Vash that he heals ~ T I wanted a final T, Bua, but as you say that luck did not die as evil, did not deserve this, the poor man was so traumatized by the girl with the plant :frustrated:

thank you
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AuhhgHASthj I loved the manga's ending so much, it made me wanna cry (which I did) and nghhgh ;O; Is there more beyond Trigun Maximum, though? O: Cuz the series ended a long time ago...IF THERES MOAR I WANT TO SEE IT

anyway, unf unf this is gorgeous :love: Aw man, I'm tearing up just thinking about it :'D <33
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ermm.. it said that the final volume is 14th, and Trigun the movie will coming soon later in this year... I can't wait!

this is the only manga that makes me cry... literally...XD I cried when Nightow said there'll be no more trigun after 14...>.< I'm so depressed! T_T
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Yeah, the anime ends pretty well but nothing compares to the manga )': Omg, I still can't over that Knives died after making a little tree...*tears up a little again*

Yeah! I just saw the movie seems to be a simple side-story, but anything Trigun is worth my time :D :heart:
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