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Equality by Dawn



Not sure if this has been featured in some anti-LGBT-pro-war group or whatever, but this has been getting a lot of hate lately.

I drew this when I was 17, today I'm 23. People were so much less hateful back then and it really saddens me. Some people are against war and have their fine reasons to be so. Don't ask, Don't tell was a much bigger issue back then: America has come a long way since, legalising gay marriage in a lot of states. But somehow the shitstorm here has never been bigger.

If this offends you that much, truly, you have got to get your priorities straight. This is the work and mind of a TEENAGER. I'm not deleting what I wrote below as a seventeen year old. Get your boy panties out of a knot and move on.


Well then, well then! :la: It is finisheddd.

It's... ridiculously BIG, so this probably won't have much attention, since all details require a FULL VIEW - which is something people NEVER do anymore these days. Seriously. Sorry to say this, but, most of you are lazy as fuck. ;D

Honestly I don't recall how long this took me to finish. Aprox. 8 hours, I guess, which is quite a lot. D8 Honestly I'm not the person that finds drawing very difficult, especially not on human beings; but as this was based on the Marine war memorial statue I've discovered that some poses remain difficult no matter what. ^^; Especially when some of the soldiers of that statue seem to have physical malfortions, and for once you're not supposed to fix them (as they're part of the statue), yet can't resist either way in some parts... :noes:


In the GLORIOUS ARMY OF THE USA, homosexuals/bisexuals are not allowed to be open on their sexuality, nor are others allowed to ask.
Naturally, those 'straight' pieces of ass ASK ANYWAY. And then the other individuals are forced to tell a lie, so that they're allowed to fight in order to protect their loved ones.

Lie, even in the most horrible situations: where one man was raped by his fellow comrades for being gay. As he brought this complaint to his superior, he was instantly fired, rather than having the rapists punished. (You may find that article here: www.care2.com/causes/civil-rig… )

Fuck you, Bill Clinton - 1993; for making thousands and thousands of people miserable with who they are. Let's hope that hell suits you well. :la:
END Don't Ask, Don't Tell; for while others still dare to ask, we should be allowed to TELL.

Tools: Pastels, watercolour pencils, pencil, watercolours and black ink on an A2 sized piece of paper.
Time Taken: 8 to 9 hours.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS WORK. This work may NEVER be reproduced/reuploaded in any way without my written permission. NEVER claim this work as your own!

As the LGBT community, we don't have as many soldiers as others.
Yet our flag is more than wonderful, and we try to live our lives with smiles on our faces.
We have no weapons, not of any kind, and the pole of our flag is probably more bendable than others - we can be happier with less.
But, well, you all know,
that we're fucking awesome nontheless. :pride:

Comments are bigger than favourites! :la: (For honestly; fav-and-runs are just so... unpersonal. ;__; I'd rather spend days getting to know you as a person, rather than 2 minutes thanking you for the fav-and-run.)
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Don't disrespect the Iwo Jima memorial flag. That's one.

Two, don't use your age as an excuse to be disrespectful.

And most of all, don't act like you're being oppressed.

Because you're fucking not.