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SAWTOB:Sensitive[Pg 1-6/SlightlyCanon/MiniSeries] by xAnimeXtremexx, visual art

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My Bio

I'm AnimeXtremex

I'm a gal trying to become a cartoonist.

I draw some pictures, but recently been into just comic making and now learning more about animation as I go along.

My goal isn't for selfish reasons.

If anything I just want some recognition.

To make people happy by what I draw and make.

I draw in many different styles, only because I love variety.

I know some artist stick to one or a few styles, but I'm always experimenting with different colors, shades, styles, textures, etc to learn new things every day.

Same with learning different ways with animations and comics.

Though, there are other things I wish to do, just not on here.

I hope to learn more about music since i have a keyboard, and I always wanted to learn to play it.

Then I hope to get into game development. I've been inspired by some other game devs around.

Along with learning 3D modeling as well.

Then I want to do part time gaming on youtube. I love video games and I know how to play them (especially since I've been playing video games since I was around 6) So a fun little thing I can do.

And then I want to learn get into dubbing as well.

Along with making small songs nothing intense

And lastly pretend live action for fun and comedy.

I want to spread my verity and see my horizons of different things. At least try them out before saying i can't. Life is too short in my eyes for just ONE or a few things.

So I want to be an entertainer for all

AnimeXtremex: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0WHimAN9PVAbJZ-mLsoskw?view_as=subscriber

AXGaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ6xKrANlKhxBj-S_Ue9-4A

XtremexStudios: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9lCqBGiWj5UMIOJnO0Ehg

Favourite Visual Artist
Abstract, realistic, detailed, simplistic
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sonic X, Amazing World Of Gumball, Steven Universe, Jimmy Neutron,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rammstein, Crush 40, Maroon 65, Journey, Disturbed, Most Video Game Soundtracks, Skillet, Owl City, Vocoloid, Metallica, Godsmack, Most Jazz Music
Favourite Books
Wayside School, Super Fudge, Double Fudge,
Favourite Writers
Judy Bloom, Louise Sachar
Favourite Games
Undertale, Night In The Woods, Sega Games, Nintendo Games, Little Inferno, OneShot, Bendy and the Ink Machine
Favourite Gaming Platform
I like to play any game on any platform
Other Interests
video games, video editing, video making, music, audio mixes, making concept art, script making,
well apparently my mother was the answer to my problems lol. As always she's so much better at money then me... thing is, she works as said, she does have a job and she often does put some off to the side. Today when I told her about my predicament she rolled her eyes and asked "Why didn't you talk to me about this?" and I said "I did, when you got up, you looked at me and said "what do you want me to do about it?" and that was that, figured you had nothing either." She rolled her eyes again and said "Honey, you can't ask me anything out of bed, my brain does like a flat line, I don't and cannot think when I get up." So we discussed ideas Her plan is, well that's also in effect, she went to the bank and took out 500 and said "we have about 1000 in the bank from saving, here's 500, you'll be able to at least spend 200$ for any other needs that you need and I'll put in a few 100's every time i get paid and then when your SSI comes in again next month you'll have enough for your GPU
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Thing is, yes I do notice the views on all my journals with the other being over 100 views lol Man I almost the days where I was able to get commissions no problem, and it's not like it's for a stupid reason either. It's literally so I can buy a rig to make the video game that some people were interested in or found it to be a good concept I will say, I don't have any other way of making money sadly For those who are like "Get a job yeesh." lol. Well I'd love too, problem is, my mother is my fiduciary when it comes to my SSI money, she's the trust and helper with it, and her name is also on every check I get. Which means if I make over 2k$ they'll take away my SSI for good. And my mother already works so if her and I started working we'd make over 2K but problem is it's easy to get fired or get bored of the job you have and want to move onto the next. Or if by some circumstances things don't work out not only that, I get fired easily because if I go through a panic attack it's easy to
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my inkbunny: https://inkbunny.net/SavageRat thing is, I know my laptop is nice, it's a nice laptop, but it cannot handle the processing power that a video game creation has to deal with. So, because Deviantart half the time doesn't take much of anything of my commissions that I post on here, and hope that someone will commission something--- the next best option is to remake an inkbunny and hope for the best it's a bit pricy yes I realize that, however, since it's also like a donation, you'll get your name at the end credits in "special thanks!" especially if you keep buying as well! So if you once asked for commissions well good news, as you notice my artwork got even better, and even gifs/animation loops are allowed as a commission (even if pricy cause it takes a long time) thing is, people always say in videos or around the internet "oh dreams come true" well clinical depression doesn't always help with that, and if I don't get a rig going since I can't work thanks to my
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Hello there, again! Norlie's here! I have a question-Do you have a discord account?

oh yes I do, would you like it? I can dm you

Yeah. I want to talk with you on discord. My discord account's name is: Norlie#7483 You can invite to friends to discord heh. You can dm on Notes your discord account's name.

Hello! I very like your drawings and GIF's!

oh tysm glad you like them

You're welcome! And I just found you when I trying to find some pictures with Mickey and Oswald... But back to topic - I will support your works, because I see that you very hard work on them.

d'aww hehe, glad you were able to find me than :3 and ty. Yeah I work pretty hard on my original content. I plan on making my original series even a game! So it's good you found me since when the game is close to completion I'll be notifying people on here

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