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Official Unofficial Achievement Hunter Teams Chart
By xanidubia   |   Watch
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Published: September 27, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 xanidubia
I put this together just for the hell of it.
If there's any teams between two Hunters that I missed, please let me know.…
Thanks SpidrHuntr!

Thanks randomstuffwhateverman!…

OMG! I can't contain my excitement! I made this into a physical poster and sent them two copies, one to be hung in the office and one to be signed and sent back.
Here's the AHWU episode:… Minute marker 4:10
Now, you'll see it in the background of future videos! I am a dummy! 

Jack and Geoff = Team O.G. (Original Gangstas)
Ryan and Gavin = Team Love n' Stuff
Geoff and Michael = Team O.G.T.T.D. (Original Ganstas; Things To Do) [not official]
Jack and Gavin = Team Trial and Error
Ray and Michael = Team Not Verified
Michael and Jack = Team Angry Fat
Alternate Names box at the bottom
Geoff and Michael = Team Stream [officially]
Ray's name X'd out :'(
Team Ffff and Best Friends added to Alternate Names box
Funhaus Team box added
Jack and Lindsay = Team Train
Michael and Jeremy = Team Short Temper
Geoff, Jack, and Jeremy = Team OG&J
Michael, Ryan, and Gavin = Team Crazy Mad and Stupid
                                     = Team Crazy Mad and Unpredictable
Michael and Matt = Team M&M
Gavin and Jeremy = Team Little Britain

Just 1 more (Jack and Ray) to add on and then verify Geoff and Michael's just to be sure. If anyone could give me links to video proof of any team name verified by Achievement Hunters, that would be awesome and this thing would be complete.

Complete Remastering May 5th, 2016
Re-did the whole this and add some of the thing that I've been neglecting to add for a long time.

Changes include but are not limited to:
Jeremy added to the main roster
Jeremy and Ryan = Team Battle Buddies
Jeremy and Jack = Team Jumbo Shrimp
The Ray table
Took away Funhaus Team box
Ryan and Jack = Team Deep Voice
Jack and Jeremy = Team Biggy Smalls
Ryan and Jeremy = Team Last Picked
Gavin, Jeremy, and Jack = Team Southern Britain
Gavin, Geoff, and Jeremy = Team Plan g
Ryan, Gavin, and Jack = Team Lunch and Stuff
Gavin, Ray, and Jack = Team X-Ray and Flab
Geoff, Adam, and Gavin = Team GAG
Finally! Dec. 2nd 2016 Geoff and Jeremy = Team Tasty Morsels

Concluding any other changes unless fans (or Achievement Hunter) say otherwise. Thank you.

THE RETURN!!! I've made some fixes including Betting Buddies and such. Will return again for final fixes. Visit Here to help:

COMEBACK OF THE CENTURY!!! July 1st, 2019. Although I've seen many, many,... MANY names that could be on this poster, I would not be able to fit them and I don't recall at all hearing them. SO! Until they come up with more, here's the finished version. If you know any that I've missed, PLEASE let me know.
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Comments (57)
CyborgWaifu's avatar
Team Love n Stuff = Best team. Also they had an alternate team name "Team Rainbow" for like one video.
Reply  ·  
AgentShifter's avatar
AgentShifter|Hobbyist General Artist
I think this was only for the video Halo 5 - Quidditch, but Ryan, Gavin and Jack are also Team Deep Bird
Reply  ·  
LeRezwarrior's avatar
Thank you I've been looking for a list ^ ^
Reply  ·  
Popman71's avatar
Popman71|Student Artist
If you happen to update this again, Jack and Michael have been frequently calling themselves Betting Buddies.

(Though all-in-all, I'm very impressed with this.  It's weird and cool to think about how many teams AH has had throughout its history.)
Reply  ·  
xanidubia's avatar
xanidubia|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah thanks, I know. and Gavin & Jeremy would rather be Boston Tea Party.
I probably will update it some day.
Reply  ·  
Duo-minds's avatar
Duo-minds|Hobbyist General Artist
I think in the latest Cunning Stunts, Lil'J and Gavin decided to swap their team name to "Boston Tea Party"
Reply  ·  
xanidubia's avatar
xanidubia|Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* yeah I know, they really get on my nerves. Thanks
Reply  ·  
Cyberninjasaurus's avatar
Neither of these two are part of the core six but Jesus and the Intern is a teamname with Matt and that other guy.
Also from the destiny raid you can't forget Geoff and Michael's team kicking f***ing a** over here
Reply  ·  
magshi's avatar
magshi|Student Digital Artist
It should be noted that Team Lads now includes Jeremy in place of Ray.
Reply  ·  
Foggry's avatar
Dude this is great. I gave you a shoutout on my tumblr and people really seem to like it! Keep up the good work and also didn't Plan G have griffon in it?
Reply  ·  
xanidubia's avatar
xanidubia|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey thanks man. What's the tumblr link?
I don't really recall hearing Griffon as apart of the explosive Achievement City prank Plan G. Maybe she was.
Reply  ·  
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Ashen-Phoenix|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't know I needed this in my life until now. Thank you, good sir and/or madam. I salute you. :salute:
Reply  ·  
xanidubia's avatar
xanidubia|Hobbyist General Artist
HAHA You are very welcome Sir and/or Madam and thank you very much.
Reply  ·  
DolphinMan-TheLemur's avatar
DolphinMan-TheLemur|Hobbyist General Artist
Jack and Jeremy are team Jumbo Shrimp
Reply  ·  
Kagehiisa's avatar
Ray and Michael: Team Brown Dynamite
Reply  ·  
MagnusLegolasBane's avatar
Ray and Geoff being "Boner Jizz" was in Minecraft Ep. 29- The Walls.
Reply  ·  
Reynmaker21's avatar
Reynmaker21|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this and want it to be a poster
Reply  ·  
Spideer's avatar
Spideer|Professional General Artist
Jeremy and Michael are team short temper!
Reply  ·  
xanidubia's avatar
xanidubia|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. I saw that one when it came out, I just didn't get to fixing the chart.
Reply  ·  
Spideer's avatar
Spideer|Professional General Artist
Oh yeah of course. I just thought that one was super funny
Reply  ·  
Spideer's avatar
Spideer|Professional General Artist
Pretty sure the video was baribariball
Reply  ·  
hs11-art's avatar
Gavin, Geoff and Ryan: Team 20/20
Jack, Michael and Ray: Team Glasses
Reply  ·  
AvengerSSB's avatar
AvengerSSB|Hobbyist Writer
Those are funny, and I did laugh at them. However, there's one thing bothering me. Ryan does have glasses, he just doesn't always wear/need them.
Reply  ·  
anonymous's avatar
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