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Rainbow Lashes

By Xandi5anders
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Yay for gay pride festivals giving me an excuse to wear rainbow eyelashes! :boogie:

I'm not sure why my expression looks so bemused. I was quite happy that day. :shrug:
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:lmao: I was just going to ask "Why do you look so pissed off?" but you asked that same question. :O It's almost like your giving...the death glare. :fear:

Death by rainbows! :iconohnoesohplz:
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OMJ, if rainbows shot out of my eyes, I'd be sooo happy. That'd be awesome.

And I really don't know why. I think I was tired. I got up at 7am to drive to the festival to catch a parade that wasn't occuring that day. I'd say this was about hour...*counts*...10. Yeah, I was there for 10 hours by the time Matty-kun took this shot.
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So you were waiting around for ten hours...for something that wasn't going to happen? :O_o:

I guess now I'm wondering why you don't look MORE pissed off in the photo. :confused:
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:laughing: No, no. The parade was supposed to happen at 930 am. That would've been waiting for about an hour for something that wasn't happening. I had to stay until 5 pm because Fred Schneider from the B52s would be there and I was dead set on seeing him for reasons I can't explain.

Haha, because it was an amazing time. Like, the first half of the day was suckish. My friend kept getting too hot, so we'd sit in the shade for an hour counting the shirtless men that passed by (all of us could agree that we'd like to do naughty things to number 41. Like...we remembered his number. For weeks.) Anyway, eventually one friend had to go to work and we all carpooled so the driver had to take him home, and her gay husband was there, so he went with her and overheated friend left too for fear of heat stroke. Like I said, I was dead set on seeing Fred Schneider, so I stayed alone. Luckily, one of my other friends was supposed to arrive soon so I met up with him and he was with an old friend I hadn't seen in years and then his best friend and she and I just clicked. And then when one guy left, a fabulous and murderously queer ginger joined us. At the time this photo was taken, I'd seen over 200 shirtless men, attractive people were dancing on a table, I'd made 2 new friends, Matt had a balloon penis, and Fred Schnieder was DJing and there was this EPIC 10 year old rocking out next to the speakers getting the crowd to fist-pump! Why shouldn't I have been happy?! :XD:
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That day sounds action packed. I think you went through more in one day than I do in six months! :noes: Wow...I was thinking you were just standing around watching the grass grow...and then BAM! an explosion of activity and plot twists! :faint:

I get that you'd want to stay around for Fred Schneider. :nod: I'm not a fan...but he seems like one of those people that would make people excited to see them. :nod:

You know what I got the most from that story? That the cosmic forces were on your side that day. :aww: It seemed like a parade of coincidence and lucky circumstance! :clap:
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:lmao: I don't USUALLY do that much. I guess I get a ton of stuff done on days I DO go out. I went to lunch, a bookstore (where I bought a book for a friend's birthday, a few of those Cliff's Notes books for my future in teaching Shakespeare, and some books I loved as a kid), went to the craft store (with friends who'd been along the whole time) and Liz and I bought shirts to decorate, which we did, and she and Michael bought a bunch of paints and canvas paper and an we're supposed to paint. However, the day before that: nothing. T_T sat in my dark room and played SIMS, basically.

It's the voice. I was hoping he'd talk like he does in songs...he doesn't. :(

And fantasticness! Haha. I didn't even know my friend Matty knew the Matt from my past. He was like "have you ever met Matthew?" and I was like "Noo...?" and Matt said "Hey, we used to go to school together." and of course, I DID remember him after he said that. I think about him all the time. So, I was tremendously happy to see him.
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I try to do a lot when I go out. I try to organise it so that when I'm out and about I can get a whole bunch of stuff done. :D But I have to say that as much as I may do...I don't think I've ever done as much as all that in one day. :omg: That sounds so tiring! But I AM lazy so that's not saying much. ^^; That's very admirable that you bought those Cliff's Notes. :aww: You're so commited to the teaching thing and I'm envious of that commitment and drive. :worship:

:lmao: Ain't nuthin' wrong with sittin' in the dark playing games. :D I do that...far too much. :giggle: I'll sit down and start playing and then BOOM! hours have gone by! :noes:

You think about him all the time...but you didn't remember him when you saw him? :lmao: That happened to me. A friend came over to my place with a girl and I said hello to her and she said "Don't you remember me?" and then it clicked that it was this girl I went to school with for a few years. :blush:
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Haha, I don't think I'd be good at anything else. Might as well prepare for the future. :shrug: Or maybe it's one of those "if I prepare, things will have to fall into place" mentalities. See, I never really plan my days. The whole plan was to feed my friend, and buy two t-shirts to iron on something I'd printed out earlier.

They do indeed. I check the time frequently, just so I don't get too lost in it. I usually have a goal and try to meet it then quit the game.

Haha. In my defense, he'd changed a lot. He used to be short and blonde. Like Bart Simpson, hair all spikey, and he would always be dressed in all black. The most recent photos I'd seen of him, he had short, spikey BLACK hair. When I saw him, he wasn't introduced as "Matt" (and I didn't know Matty knew him), but Matthew and he had a lot of light brown and blonde hair. No short spikes. :p
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Those are so cool! o:
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Thank you, Nee-Chan!
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You're welcome!
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haha coooooool 8D
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ha, cool! you should wear those everyday!
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Haha! Those are awesome!
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Right? I saw them at the party store and KNEW I had to get them.
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Oh, honey, you never need an excuse to wear rainbow eyelashes.
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Haha, yes you do. Any other place, people would think I were freaky, not fabulous.
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Freaky and fabulous are the same thing.
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Those are cool.
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