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NERV UI Rainmeter Suite 3.2.6

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【There are display problems with new D2D graphical engines in Rainmeter 4.0, version 3.3.2 has better compatibility with THIS suite】

Verison 3.2.6
2017.03.01 Updated

Rainmeter 3.2.1 r2386 or above (get latest version of Rainmeter on
SpeedFan (to display CPU temperature)
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how do you add page 2

Superb job on this, unfortunately, the weather doesnt work as the service deprecated, could this section be updated?,



Huge thanks!


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does anyone know how well this works on windows 10 as of november 2019?

i used to have this on my laptop a couple years back and am hoping its compatible now

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This theme never gets old! Love it!!
Hi,absolutely an amazing UI u had made,it is awsome.I don't know whether u r still active or not,but I have a trouble about the lifetime setting.It doesn't work when I  unplug my laptop.Can anyone help me?My system is Win10 1809.
Here's solution for FB2K integraion:

1) Go to and download plugin/

2) Install plugin by double-clicking on file and agree to unknown source warning.

3) FB2K will ask you for restarting itself. Also agree.

And here it is! Skin is working with FB2K. Comment if you have any questions.
How to set up foobar2000 integration?
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Been using this skin for more than 5 years, then Rainmeter manages to break it.
ye.....complete crash
Hi, just a warning that Rainmeter 4.2.0 completely freezes this skin.
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how do i change the color blue to red?
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Not sure if you're still active and on here but well done XANCI, this is pretty damn legit
I'm having trouble connecting the UI to FB2K. Can anyone help me out?
I also. Please help
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Nice vraiment bien !!!
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Wt about English and other langs?
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How do I get the UI to have the color red? I don't like the blue color.
请问更新到win10 1703版之后点击打开回收站转跳的是快速访问这是什么原因?右键清空回收站是正常的
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Thanks for your excellent work~!
But i have a problem with the weather...which it can NOT show the forecast and the temperture...
please help, your efforts would be appreciated!
i would live this skin design!
thanks for making this themes for us
but where can i change the visible on 'custom - Launcher' list? the icon is so colorless .
And can i type some name  instead of using the icon? cuz some software icon was broken
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