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Now ...with guest characters. Dredd, spawn and hellboy
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Hey I'm back and just want to apologize for asking so many questions to you since this is essentially a concept like you said all those years ago. But hey I still love this art you made every bit and hope they actually make this game.

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Why is hell boy and spawn down there?
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My new team

1: Spider-Man or Deadpool

2: Red Hood

3: Spawn

how can i download this mugn?

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Damn... I don't know a lot of these guys, could i maybe get a list? Please!
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clayface-poison ivy-catwoman-harley-joker-redhood-batman
solomon grundy- black adam- black manta- ares- shazam-aquaman-wonderwoman
dr manhattan- rorshach- booster gold- necron- atrocitus- sinestro-green lantern
gorila grood- captain cold- vixen- firestorm- hawkgirl - green arrow- flash
etrigan- zatana-constantine-deathstroke- bluebeetle- raven- cyborg...

CAP AMERICA- SPIDEY-antman and wasp- black panther- winter soldier- vemon- doctor octopus
Ironman- vision-scarlett witch- mr fantastic- the thing- doctor doom- ultron
THOR- hulk-she hulk- docotr strange- loki-m.o.d.o.k- dormamu
wolverine- cyclops- storm-magneto- mystique- phoenix- appocalipsys
cap marvel- starlord - grood and rocket- nova- black bolt - medusa- silver surfer
deadpool- ghost rider- daredevil- punisher- ironfist- luke cage-sentry

Middle from left to right:
Darkseid-antimonitor- dreed-spawn-hellboy-galactus-thanos
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Hey Xamoel, I'm back with some more concept questions and hope if you'll answer them.

1. How should healthbars be structured? Like Injustice's double bars or the single bar from MvC?
2. So about the Sub and Final boss, if you play as a Marvel character do you take on Darkseid and Antimonitor and vice versa if you play as a DC character you fight Thanos and Galactus? If that's the case how does this work if you play as the guest characters?
3. Do you think the clash system that is in Injustice should be in this as well? In addition to the 3 levels of special attacks for each character.
4. How should the announcer sound like? Like the robotic digital voice from Injustice or the dramatic exciting voice from MvC?
Would you have the game play more like injustice or mvc? With a roster like that, the game would be the coolest shit ever regardless, and it would be the only game id play for a while, but just curious
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I would want the gameplay to be a mixture of both.
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1. More like mvc2 i think. double bars.
2. good question. i suppose the guest character can fight random sub boss and boss.
3. tbh i think more in mvc than injustice in some gameplay stuff. so i dont think in the clash system for this one.
4. a brand new voice. i never liked the robotic voice of injustice :D
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theres too much batman rep. and i want give a chance to clayface :D
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yeah i guess so its just bane is my favorite villain but clayface is good too ^w^
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Mr X hope you don't mind but I've did a little video of you picture hop you in joy it.
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My Team If This Has 3v3 Mode   


2.Red Hood

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can we plz add sonic, one of my characters or the predator in the roster,  then I would play this.
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Hi again. I'm back with more questions and hope you answer again. The first five are the ones you didn't answer on the last one.

1. What would be the console platform of this game? Should there be a arcade edition like cabinet for local arcades?
2. How many stages do you have beat in order to get to both the sub and final boss?
3. How would the voice acting be done? Would you want other actors/actresses who had famous roles with particular heroes/villains to reprise them in this? Ex. Steve Blum as Wolverine, Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, etc
4. Will there be unique quotes from heroes/villains depending who they encounter and/or defeat in the fight? Like Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
5. Will there be sort of an 'Extra' mode where you view gallery, trailers, etc?
6. Will the stages have areas like X-Men Mansion, Justice League Hall of Justice, etc?
7. How would you want the art/graphic design to be for the game including the characters, stages, menu, etc?
8. Will there be stats for each character? If so, what would it be like?
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Hi. well, this is just a concept..i dont have every answer.
1. i guess xboxone/ps4
2. 15 and 15
3. i dont know anything about english voice actors.
4. yes
7. a mix between injustcie and the cartoon style from marvel vs capcom 3.
8. thats a big one. i think on capcom vs snk esque fight range.
characters with 1-2-3-4 levels.
ESTUPENDO!!!!!. Casi tengo a todos los personajes en mi Mugen.
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