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Hi, first of all, I wanted to say that we are big fan of smash bros,
his style of play is unique and addictive as hell ..
Well, as we all know, Sony is doing his "smash"
called Playstation all star battle royale, and if that is controversial and all that ... but that was our
trigger to "Sonic & SEGA All Stars WARZONE". We started to think (what) other companies keep could
make they own "smash", Microsoft maybe ... but not if it has enough elements ... CAPCOM, maybe...why not..
But who have had enough colorful characters and elements?.... is SEGA ...
as a fan of SMASH BROS while Sonic and SEGA,,, we said....lets do it ..
Ripoff?, Clone?, Inspiration? ... Do not know, I prefer to think that "smash bros" is already another game genre
If we also consider to "JUMP Stars", "TMNT Smash it" and PSASBR .. It's a formula that works well and it is obvious that
everyone wants a piece of the pie.
If we consider all stars racing Sonic is very good "Mario Kart" game,,, no reason to doubt a smash sega ..
Playable Characters: 15 from sonic, sega and others: 35 , and 2 third party ..
They believe that 15 is much sonic?, Just As I thought, but we was getting a little borring to seeing the same faces over and over again
(Sonic-Amy-Tails-Knuckles-Eggman-Metal Sonic-shadow), hopefully Silver, Blaze and vector in the Olympics ....And thats all...?
If you saw "SONIC BEYOND", already know that we like to use the sonic characters up to the maximum.
Besides considering Sonic All Star Racing, Sonic characters are 7/18 is almost half .. 15/52 is not so much after all ..
We decided to include characters like Pulseman, RED and others so that the fans are like ..
The inclusion of Bayonetta ... will leave for wiiU understand now, but SEGA still owns the IP, .... I think..i really dont know.
And the Werehog?, I understand, is a double-edged sword, and he is liked for someones and hate it by many others
But his movements seemed so great for a game: P.
EARTHWORM JIM: cause is a 90´s hero...and because he was a side of sonic in the "No hoopers" trash can :D
MEGAMAN: why?,,,well 3 reasons..
a), is my second videogame hero, just after Sonic
b)CAPCOM doesnt give a shit about MEGAMAN this days.
c)MEGAMAN and Sonic will appear together at last in comic form..
Bark?, Well, always had affection for this "scrapped" character. And SEGA wonna give us "Sonic the Fighters" again, so it's a good opportunity.

This is just a fan project, from our mind to a sketch book,,, WE loved it and wanted to share it with you: D
Of course... if SEGA makes something like this one day, I would not have this size .. and I doubt we would see Ristar, Vectorman ...
That would be all ... Enjoy.

Sonic and all Sega characters are from ...SEGA (did you say?)
Megaman, CAPCOM,,,created by Keiji Inafune.
Earthworm Jim, Interplay entertainment.
Gunstar heroes: Treasure
Bayonetta, Cayman and Sam Gideon from PLATINIUM GAMES..
Pulseman, from GAMEFREAK.


Thanks to Megaman network…



Destructoid :D…



First and last UPDATE.
For people's choices...We add some need characters.
Enjoy it..
this was a final extra the project is closed :D
Thanks all of you too :D

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