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i just create the moveset..and apply some deatils.
this is just for fun...nothing more :D

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And like Noob Saibot and Mirage or Scorpion and Sub-Zero it'd be a terrific rivalry!!😃😃😃😃😃
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He'd be a very good rival for rain!...just like Noob Saibot and Mirage!
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Literally when I was thinking about a Mortal Kombat character idea for a pink ninja, I had the same idea with the concept of thorns and flowers. Then out of curiosity I was wondering what other people have thought of for a pink ninja and then stumble across this, and I gotta say this is pretty damn awesome dude. Though my character was named "Orchid" instead of Plhox, but I digress. Kinda curious how well he'd fit in the Mortal Kombat roster.

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thanks for the comment.

the original idea is from other artist, i created the moveset :D

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Ah I see, well the moveset looks pretty damn good too, I especially like the fatalities.

Seriously, just imagine in MK11 he uses the "Bad Seed" fatality and once the opponent gets brutally torn apart and the tree is that of a cherry blossom, Plhox is just sitting there mediating as it slows down to the fatality card.

Honestly the whole character idea is just badass, I give Fear-sAs a thumps up.

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I thought he would be Magenta, not Pink.

Magenta goes to Reiko, he wore a Ninja suit without a mask in MK4 with the Brotherhood of Shadow Insignia on his Back and Spikes on his Knuckles

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well. its more close to "salmon pink"
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a kharacter like this has been konfirmed for mortal kombat eleven
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Cetrion :D
yeah. is like all the 4 elements in one.
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Scorpion: I am super effective against you.
Plhox: Those words will be your last.
Scorpion: I beg to differ.
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These move concepts are pretty awesome. They may look pretty simple, but still a lot of thought put into them.

Who knows, if you ever plan to make more of these in the future, maybe here are two ideas you can think of for this. They are both female ninjas this time though.

Morida Hound
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tnks, i gonna check it
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Ed you should add this
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Amazing artwork to his friend
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Hace tiempo hice un personaje con el mismo fatality de las semlillas
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You should do the Injustice & Injustice 2 character roster.
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that will consume me, much time.
And i already  have little time to drawn at weekends.
thats why i do the marvel vs dc instead the 2 injustices..
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Dime, por favor, pero no quieras intentar dibujar algo en la mitología?
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sorry, i dont understand the question
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