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Jason Voorhees Evolution

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the many faces of terror, in one shot.
Many actors and stunts are played Jason, like Ari (Boy from part 1 not showed), Warrington Gillete and Steve Dash for part 2, Richrd Brooker part 3, Ted White part 4, Morga, Wieand and Hock part 5 (Well, is not a real real Jason), Graham Part 6, Kane Hooder 7-8-9-x, Kirzinger FvsJ and the last one, Derek Mears.

The last one is my favorite for now...
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The Many Faces Of Jason Voorhees!

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Awesome Clap 
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Oh! And he's back! He's behind the mask! And he's out of control! He's back! The man behind the mask! And he crawled. Out. Of. His. Hole!
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copycatkidHobbyist General Artist
One of these things is not like the other......
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CanoirHobbyist Traditional Artist
where is le purple Jason?
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lightman2120Hobbyist Artist
That's from the Nintendo nes video game. Doesn't count.
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CanoirHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww that's my favourite one
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lightman2120Hobbyist Artist
(Shrugs) Sorry.
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CanoirHobbyist Traditional Artist
haha it's okay xD

The art's still amazing and that's what matters :)
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HumanAndTimeStudent Filmographer
Up right that will be Fake Jason.
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FPGNinja157Hobbyist General Artist
Freddy vs jason!!! Fuck ya!!!!!
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The parts that all Jasons are from in order from left to right

Jason Voorhees Part II

Jason Voorhees Part III

Jason Voorhees Part IV

Roy Part V The New Beginning

Jason Voorhees Part VI Jason Lives

Jason Voorhees Part VII The New Blood

Jason Voorhees Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday

Jason X (first half of movie)

Jason X / Uber Jason (second half of movie)

Freddy vs. Jason

Friday the 13th (2009) 
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Why'd you skip the name "the final chapter"?
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Great job! I like the expression for not-Jason, he looks like "did you just cut line in front of me?" XD
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I would like to see an updated version of this with Mortal Kombat X version of Jason, based on the Freddy Vs Jason version, but bald, and a normal skin tone.
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XAMOELProfessional Digital Artist
Good idea :D
I am waiting for the new remake to re-open this project.
Also NES jason could be cool too.
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I was going to say if you can include the one from that new Friday The 13th: The Game but I think It's just the one from Part 3, and un some screenshots, it wears the bag and pitchfork from part 2.
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XAMOELProfessional Digital Artist
Its really weird to see part 2 jason moving like Kane Hooder.
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Well, with the Part 2 costume, he moves like pre-zombie Jason, he can walk fast youtu.be/qlpD_q6HeRc
I guess that different costumes gives diferent weapons and abbilities. Like Zombie Jason walk under water, pre-zombie use a speargun (part III) or a bow and arrow (2009 remake).
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Jason uses machete

It’s super effective!
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Jason voorhees is so awesome 
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