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So uh... looks like I accidentally abandoned this account for what, a year? two years? Ha ha...ha. (Goddamit, myself, stop doing that)

FUN FACT: I have this weird mental thing where I can't go back to any account I left for too long. I instantly get too overwhelmed/anxious from the very thought of disrupting the silence, which is why i tend to create numerous new accounts and/or delete the old ones after I disappear from a blog.

Considering my old posts "cringy" and "outdated" often doesn't help. Not to mention that posting on DA has always made me uh, super anxious for no reason, as if I was bothering people with some of my not-so-perfect art (which is silly, I know, but anxiety is rarely logical). This is probably why I eventually switched to Tumblr, even though it's a terrible platform for artists. At least I could hide my drawings behind the cat reblogs and make baby steps towards presenting my art ._.

And, well, this account is mostly linked to my BBR comic (which, if you still don't know, has been discontinued), so that makes browsing it a bit...painful.


I perfectly realize that even if I wanted to make a new account, people would still come to this one, say nice words and try to contact me. Deleting this account is absolutely out of question. I'm trying to stop impulsively deleting my art these days, especially considering that so many people commented on it here. It's history now; suck it up, me.

SO. I'll do my best to bring this account back to life? Too bad that unlike wordpress, I can't post art with past dates. The gap between my old and current drawings will be quite sad to look at. So I guess all I can do is just. Continue moving forward.



First of all, big thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday!! I didn't expect anyone to still comment on my front page ^^' 

Second, I'd love to answer your messages, but goOD LORD, I feel so bad for doing it now? When it might be too late? LIKE 2 YEARS LATE? HHHHH I suppose I'll still respond to the more recent ones though, I'm sorry ;_;

Third, what did everyone who doesn't follow me anywhere else / is too confused with my constant blog changes missed? 

- I made an art achive!! From 2006 to the current day, updating n all. See, I'm a good girl now, instead of deleting my old art I upload it anew woooow
- I had an Undertale phase, so there's a practically dead UT blog
- I also moved my personal Tumblr account from xamag-oz to xamag-main. It's mostly for shitposts, reblogs and occasional rants, though.
- Also trying to bring my inspo blog back
- Aaand I recently got a Toyhouse account

BBR is dead (I'm sorry). I still don't know if I will post anything regarding my original plans for it (script, concept art, etc). (honestly not sure if anyone still cares hhh). If you want a little peek into my insight about the BBR situation, I wrote some explanatory rants on my blog.

Right now I'm working on a completely different comic that's called The 6 Erratic Gigabytes. I don't know how bulky it's gonna be (which is uh... a pit I've already fallen into), but hopefully I'll make it much more tightly-written than BBR. I've learned a lot since then, so even if (pessimistically!) it also crashes and burns, I'll just be another step further in my neverending quest for artistic chill. Besides, I have a secret production blog for it, so at least I'll have my thoughts and art documented well this time around.

Soooo yeah, I'm mostly busy with this project and my college, and I avoid spoilering T6EGB too much, so it still might be quiet here, but don't be alarmed by that.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, folks! ;v;