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To clarify, scarecrow brains =/= human brains
Hope I can manage with the next week's update, too

ДОЛЛИ: Меня зовут Долли Гейл. Я бы рассказала о себе больше, но в данный момент ничего вспомнить не могу. Иду к Доброй Западной Ведьме, чтобы узнать, как добраться домой.
СТРАШИЛА: О, понимаю. У меня похожая штука. Понимаешь, у меня только пол-мозга, и эта половинка - как дырявая корзинка. Видишь? Как думаешь, если я пойду с тобой к Ведьме, она даст мне вторую половину?

К слову, это мозги не человеческие. Это особая уличная ведьминская магия.

:iconozleftarrowplz: :iconozrightarrowplz:
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Comments (81)
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ShoobaQueen|Hobbyist General Artist
ooooo so creepy i love iit
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pimk44399|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
holy karp I love this comic
I love how this is it's own story but it also matches up pretty nicely with the original wizard of oz. Like with the scarecrow having half a brain. Very creative!
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Spasticpug's avatar
Spasticpug|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If only I had half a brain more
i would shop smarter at the store 
and to me math wouldn't be a bore
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xMJJMoonwalker's avatar
xMJJMoonwalker|Hobbyist General Artist
Aw cuuute
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fabi2n's avatar
fabi2n|Professional General Artist
I love all of this!! nice work, and wait for the other strip :)
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yooci's avatar
yooci|Hobbyist General Artist
I think I know who's my favorite character
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akagae2ppal's avatar
akagae2ppal|Hobbyist Artist
I LO---VE SCARECROW, He so cute
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ZoeCallicopia's avatar
scarecrow so cute

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Nanenna's avatar
Nanenna|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just noticed... Scarecrow's brain is hollow.
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thedandmom's avatar
I wish you had a website for this. I think you could pull off something rather cute and charming. 
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Xamag's avatar
Xamag|Hobbyist General Artist
It's in the progress, but such slow '8D
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thedandmom's avatar
Yeah I can understand that. I've had to build webcomic sited before, it does take a bit of time. 
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MSSeymour's avatar
MSSeymour|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so fantastic. Seeing how colorful your comic is makes me happy each time I look at it :) And I absolutely LOVE all the tiny creative details and incredibly imaginative works on each page, from the lollipop people to the sea of tea. And I adore that cat. He has such a sneaky little face :3

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shadowzabimaru's avatar
shadowzabimaru|Student General Artist
Hmmmm half a brain can't be fun...
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doubleFacedHijinx's avatar
doubleFacedHijinx|Hobbyist General Artist
I am in love with the scarecrow
I love your art style, I love the plot, and most of all I love your characters!!!
Please please please keep up the good work and if you ever decide to print this and sell it I will buy ten copies of everything
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ladyburrfoot's avatar
ladyburrfoot|Hobbyist Artist
aw i love reading these so much 
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SuperCocca's avatar
Omg I love this blondie. *-*
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wondermanrules's avatar
wondermanrules| Traditional Artist
I really love how you draw the Scarecrow. Also I wish I could open my head like that when I have a sinus headache and let the pressure out. :XD:
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EndlessSky26|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm waiting to see this in a bookstore someday
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Charanty's avatar
Тяжело жить, если нету мозга (С) народная мудрость)))

А если у мозга ещё и не хватает запчастей, значит вы пугало. Так что успокойтесь и продолжайте идти сквозь волшебную страну.
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ocelotss's avatar
ocelotss|Student Digital Artist
He is such a little cutie!

Probably one of the best webcomics I've seen, keep it up! :3
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xUsako's avatar
xUsako|Hobbyist Digital Artist
    god, everything is so perfect!
    the characters, their designs, the colors, the plot....
    your work is so wonderful, it makes me wanna sit and sob violently for no reason!
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NoSweater's avatar
NoSweater|Hobbyist General Artist
>>>it makes me wanna sit and sob violently for no reason

have an internet omg

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Farbjous's avatar
Put some pins and needles in it to make you sharper. :D
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