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Ashe's Ice Bow Tutorial

By xAlphaKittyx
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A quick tutorial on how to make Ashe's Ice bow :)
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Hello :)

I was just wondering, is the bow strong enough? to avoid breaking :P
I was looking for a tutorial with materials strong enough, avoiding materials like wood, I only have knifes etc to cut :P

No I dont expect it to actually shoot arrows :P

I think yours is nice! Thanks in advance <3
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So sorry for the late reply! 
It isn't very, very strong, but it's good enough to hold together.
It depends on how much you compress the newspaper to make it stronger, I was quite easy on the newspaper so if I were to step on it, it would squish...
Another thing about it is how taut you tie the string, if it is too tight, the ends of the bow may bend inwards or the string can just fall off altogether.
The best way to take care of it is to keep flat when storing as show in the image and don't go too wild with it! ^_^
Thank you~
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When you say fill in with newspaper, do you mean like paper maiche-ing the cardboard?
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How tall is yours??
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As there were rules for the length of props at the convention I went to, my bow is only 70cm :) 
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thank you n_n
do you have a pattern for the shape of the bow?
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Sorry, I lost the template I made... :(
But I copied the design I made off her 3D Model here: www.lolking.net/models/?champi…
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Thank you so much for this, much appreciated especially the affordable materials.
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I will probably do that! Thank you very much.
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Your welcome! I love this tutorial <33
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