Incarnate: Bleach Plagiarism?

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So, recently, there has been an on-going outbreak by Bleach fans for a comic accused of Bleach plagiarism. The comic in case is Incarnate, a comic drawn and written by Nick Simmons (yes, that Gene Simmons's son). Revealed and popularized by some Bleach LiveJournal community, the case has sparked wide attention from Bleach fans all around the world.

Here is one page example of comic in question. You can compare it by yourself:


deviantART itself has released a public statement concerning this plagiarism here:… . Nick himself has an account on deviantART, too, LetSleepingGodsLie. His account has been attacked by people here for some times.

If you are interested in downloading, or seeing more of the comic in question by yourself, you can see it here:… It's in Indonesian, but you can just look at the images (or if you want to download the comic, there are links written as "Volume 1", "Volume 2", "Volume 3").

Opinions, o fellow deviants?
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gitablu's avatar
saya blm sempet dunlut semua komiknya *facepalm* Baru 1
XaliberDeathlock's avatar
Sekarang udah baca semua pan? :P
gitablu's avatar
blm sempet sih :P
megatruh's avatar
not only from bleach, but from other artists and hellsing..
XaliberDeathlock's avatar
Iya, banyak banget ternyata :o Bahkan dari manga buatan CLAMP katanya juga
Psychephilia's avatar


oh ya btw kasih translate twitnya Tite Kubo yg nyinggung itu donk =/

XaliberDeathlock's avatar
*baru bales*
Udah tau translate-tannya?
Psychephilia's avatar
telat kamu dip [-(
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