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So, recently, there has been an on-going outbreak by Bleach fans for a comic accused of Bleach plagiarism. The comic in case is Incarnate, a comic drawn and written by Nick Simmons (yes, that Gene Simmons's son). Revealed and popularized by some Bleach LiveJournal community, the case has sparked wide attention from Bleach fans all around the world.

Here is one page example of comic in question. You can compare it by yourself:


deviantART itself has released a public statement concerning this plagiarism here:… . Nick himself has an account on deviantART, too, LetSleepingGodsLie. His account has been attacked by people here for some times.

If you are interested in downloading, or seeing more of the comic in question by yourself, you can see it here:… It's in Indonesian, but you can just look at the images (or if you want to download the comic, there are links written as "Volume 1", "Volume 2", "Volume 3").

Opinions, o fellow deviants?
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Applied rules:
1) If you are one of the first 5 people to comment on this journal entry, I will add you to the list!

2) For each of the 5 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list~

3) If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place, completing this way the list with 5 people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
well, actually this one is not necessary, but this wouldn't hurt, ain't it? :D


1. :iconpsychephilia:
[Drawings] Tangled in Her Vein | [Drawings] Her Portrait | [Drawings] Eric Draven

2. :iconmk17design:
[Photography] Cathedral: interior | [Photography] Yarra River | [Drawings] Lavi: the 49th name





Few notes:
Btw, if you love natural science, there's a video (music) I've been listening to lately. :D It's Symphony of Science, titled We're All Connected. It features some popular science writer such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, and Bill Nye. I myself only read Hawking's (Brief History of Time), but has been in love with it (popular science) since then! :D

Check the music video here:…
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A question, my friend: how to turn off this crappy "deviation stacks" and "journal stacks"?

I understand this is an effort by the admin(s) to make deviantART a better place to live (who's going to? I'm not), but I, being a conventionalist, am not comfortable with this recent change. I prefer the linear approach to see new stuffs, not by such nitwit 'stack' categorization.

So what I have been doing in deviantART in this past few days (actually, not that long; I'm not lifeless, yet) is attempting to 'repair' this shit to 'normal'. Also known as: trying to make the notification looks like before. But my effort yields no result. There seems to be no known way to return the "new deviations and journals" notification. Don't ask--yeah, I have tried the FAQ and search.

And here I am begging you all for an answer. How to return this goddamn thing to normal?
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First of all, Happy New Year 2010. :)

I've gone for months, for many reasons that can't be explained here. Long story short, shi[f]t happens, it did happen--several times.

But as yesterday is history, I hope now I could finally welcome myself back to deviantART after all the matters. Though the end of holiday is nigh, and a tough semester awaits, it's no reason for me to stop the dAddict! :lol:

To celebrate my 2 years in deviantART--despite my inactivity--allow me to present you the crap-that-surprisingly-hit-the-most-faves:

[Aarroniero Arleri: Introduction]

It's almost 2 years since Tite Kubo introduced the arrancar, but it seems the guy I colored hitherto been got 51 faves. While the most faves during my hiatus was... surprisingly, [Communism Conception].


Well, that's all. And thank you for reading. :)
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I apologize for my not being active in this recent months. Life has been quite hectic lately with shits happen there and there, and apparently I need more good time to learn time management. :) Anyone has the time to lecture me? Lol, j/k.

With my recent so-called come back on the blog ( and the revivalism struggle for Indonesian Bleach forums (, I doubt I could be as active as before in deviantART -- at least, until this stuffs are finished. Yeah, no one would care though. :P

Just a little note to you who love to sleep late (or in the morning): to overcome the sleepiness (if you were in school or at work in the next morning) needs more than a coffee. That what happened to me; four cans of Nescafe do nothing good. It seems motivation is what we have to go for; if you find yours, that would keep your eyes wide open.
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Read the scripture by yourself before talking shit.

It is funny how people love to quote scriptures partially to justify their deeds (whatever it might be) or to put other beliefs down.

Same funny shit also applies to rumours -- you sure know how the masses blew to insane anger just because some shit media said so? Just because some random people said so? No shit, Sherlock. People don't even recheck the fact.


Read the scripture by yourself before talking shit.

Check the fact by yourself before talking like shit.

Thank you.
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Will you name your child 'Devil'?


Then guess why there are fictional characters with names as Satan (wut, the Satan himself), Belphegor (from Hitman Reborn), Alastor (the one-eyed Moody), Akuma, etc.

...not to mention roleplayers. :|
*got shot*

Okay, don't get offended. But this is kind of... odd. ^^;
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Charlie: On the reasons to stop seeing her side we have: One, on going physical danger. Two, high likely-hood of a broken heart. Three, uh career sabotage. Four, she is clinically insane. Five, she seems to enjoy my pain. Six, fourteen piece matched set of Louis Vuitton emotional baggage. Seven, I haven't even kissed her yet, for God's sakes. Uh eight, she's ruining my life.
Leo: And the reasons to keep seeing her?
Charlie: I'm in love with her.

That was quotation from a film I accidentally watched in late night, entitled 'My Sassy Girl' (adapted from Korean film with same name). FYI, I don't usually watch films with such genre, but it can't be helped when I kind of experienced what depicted in the story myself. Lol.

"Blind love", one might say, seeing how Charlie's taking of the risks he may face if he keeps seeing the girl he loves. I guess that shows what some people consider as irrationality (besides mysticism and transcendental stuffs) lies on people's mind (or heart). :lol: I mean, what is the point to keep being with girl who seems not to care about you; selfish, self-centered, and especially when she seems to ruin your life? That is clearly irrational.

But, to some, the so-called blind love is not considered as irrationality, but instead a rational sacrifice to gain other means -- that is, that certain person's heart. One might consider that as wishful thinking, but at least that 'thinking' is not without 'trying'.

Anyway, in the film, Charlie got the ending he has always wanted -- to actually be with the girl he loves. He deserved that after he has gone through much sacrifices. Yet in real life things can't always be as good as depicted in films. Nevertheless, there is nothing we can do but progress. Because we have to see how the story ends.

...whatever. I praise anyone who actually cares to read this wall of text. :D
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I have gone for some time, and hopefully I'm back now. B-) Or not.

I don't know where I am going to (hence I asked myself, "Quo Vadis?") in this deviantART world. But I can ensure you I will keep posting my deviations. :D

Well, there were matters there and there, so I couldn't spend much time on deviantART. But hopefully now I have some more time. It is at the same time with my rearrival (?) in blogosphere, lol. God, I have to learn time management. And perhaps the emotion one also. :lol:

I should have said "I'll be back" before my disappearance to add more epicness to this lame page, though. :rofl:…

While I'm not really an artist myself, I was amazed as a commoner in this kind of thing. The drawings illustrates, in my view, how we are actually connected through the diversity.

If you call yourself an artist, do click the link above. And comment here.
He turns to me and he says, "Why so serious?" He comes at me with the knife, "Why so serious?!" He sticks the blade in my mouth, "Let's put a smile on that face!" And...

Why so serious?

The Joker. A schizophrenic clown with a Glasgow smile that never fades. A clown who never shows any sign of fear nor worry. A figure who can laugh maniacally whilst deeply plan strategies inside his head. What behind his purple suit and green-haired head, God only knows. What a figure. Perhaps he is what I would call as imperfect perfection.

Then I welcomed myself to the reality. Instead of that purple-suit man, I saw a sad, geeky boy whose eyes seem to stare at a figure of himself reflected from a screen of broken television. As if I were himself, I dive into his thoughts, swim inside his desperate mind. And I start to think -- and feel -- as he does. "Is this right?" "What if I didn't do that?" "What if I ensured myself?" "This is not supposed to be finished already..." "I hope I can reverse the time". All those, are thoughts that signed something bad happened before. Nothing sounds good.

"What if... I were not what I am?"

Those all bother me. Deeply.

So I tried to swim out from this murdering thoughts; I was trying to reach the surface. But I failed. The fluid inside his mind became sticky, it snared my legs and arms to prevent me reaching the upper side. I sank back deep inside. I tried to close my eyes, but that changed nothing. It made me couldn't open the lid of my eyes instead. And the sound of the thoughts echoes again and again. It pierced my heart, as if it were a blade. It deluded me into gas of grievous hope and dream.

His thoughts were starting to become mine... and finally are. All are my thoughts now. Perhaps they were actually mine from the beginning.

I open my eyes. And I realize I am freed from that prison of thoughts now. No more sticky fluids nor piercing blades. The only thing I see is a screen of broken television which reflects the figure of myself. Yet the the feel never cease to suffer me. It was not a dream.

In the end, I kind of wish I could hope that these all were only a lame joke; whilst I turn up my face to God, I would smirk horribly, stare into nothing with blackened eyes, then ask myself what a Joker would ask,

Why so serious?
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Three points:
1. Back-stab
2. Betrayal
3. Hatred

Nah, it is easy to hate someone, but it is hard to do the opposite. One might say that it is for someone's goodness, but for god's sake, what do they know? Only assumption. So GTFO.
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In need of shihakushou -- some sort of black hakama and gi with obi that shinigamis in Bleach are using. Black kimono, perhaps?

These are the pictures:…… >> the black robe one

Anyone knows where to buy or rent in Jakarta? Or perhaps you want to lend me one or two? =P *shot to death*
No, seriously... any help is really appreciated. T_T Thanks! :D

*gone with the wind... again*
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The constant shower of the sun's mane
will erase the remaining footprints on the thin ice

Don't be afraid when you are deceived
for the world is already full of deception

Bleach: Night of WIjnruit

I fear not the result. I see through the humble lies.
I get more than meet the eyes. In the end,

I was just being sarcastic.


Sorry for my inactivity lately.
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I recall something that MrGeddoe posted in his blog back then.

While condemning Israel for the shit, seems the world doesn't care (or don't they know?) with this creepy indoctrination Hamas did to their children:
Pioneers of Tomorrow

Just... watch.

It is technically legal, but uh, hello? That kind of stuff that keeps the Middle East conflict prolonged. I don't know whether the Israelis also do the same fundamentalism hatred to their children or not, but I hope not.

That is why I've never been a supporter of Hamas.
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Gotei 13 v2.0

Dang! This costs me almost all of my holiday! (okay, I spent some time to play eRepublik and whatnot, but that doesn't count)

There are still some stuffs to do though. Like roleplay. And some other else. Gah.

Next week I'll be back to college. No more train, sadly. I'm going to live in some sort of rent room. With some slow internet connection. Jah.
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So Barack Hussein Obama II is the new President of the United States now. Any opinions or expectations, o fellow deviant artists?

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=== In Indonesian, I apologize :/ ===

Rencana gagal. Ternyata memang selalu ada halangan untuk menuju masa depan yang lebih baik (halah, berlebihan).

Alhasil, [kerjaan] saya kembali tertunda. :|

Pun begitu saya menemukan beberapa hal baru:

## Rupanya sudah ada deviantART versi mobile. Silakan langsung meluncur ke Opera Mini atau web browser di HP setempat. Meskipun saya tak merekomendasikannya sih.

## [Counter Strike ada hubungannya sama propaganda Amerika Serikat]. Srsly? Ya, silakan simak saja itu topiknya.

## Paranoia kadang menjerumus pada hal yang tak diinginkan.

## Begadang itu tidak sehat. Sebenarnya ini bukan hal baru. Tapi saat ini saya rasa saya sedang merasakan salah satu impact besarnya.

...mungkin saya keseringan update jurnal. Yang macam begini pula. Ah, entahlah.
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I wonder whether Saturday as a day to be spend in college's orchestra was good or not.

Well, with all respect, participating in such organization would never be a bad choice (supposedly). Especially when they are willing to train you from "nothing" to "something" for free. And all you need to give in return is only your loyalty. Fairly simple.

What seems to be the problem is: a fact that most seminars/workshop/conferences take place in Saturday -- the same day with the orchestra course (viola course and musical theory, to be precise) takes place.

That is one of the reason why I am going to miss WordCamp Indonesia conference which will be held in Saturday, 17th January 2009. Darn. :|

Were I live in a world of fiction, perhaps I would choose kagebunshin no jutsu or space-time manipulation as my power. Or maybe I would consider creating a clone. Palpatine overthrow the Jedis with them, after all.

*yet another rant, duh*
*I should write something better in blog*
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---in Indonesian---

Tanpa terasa, liburan sudah hampir setengah jalan. Tinggal tersisa kurang dari sebulan lagi untuk menikmati libur pergantian semester ini. Seharusnya waktu sebulan terakhir ini bisa dinikmati dengan baik.

Sayang, takdir berkata lain. Ada kesibukan yang menghadang. Semestinya kesibukan ini bisa diselesaikan dalam satu minggu kurang, tapi karena melibatkan teamwork, jadi... apa boleh buat. <_<

Pun begitu, progress bar-nya sudah lumayan. Tinggal sedikit lagi. Seandainya semua berjalan lancar dan pada bisa berkerjasama, proyek ini akan selesai sebelum pertengahan Februari. Semoga. :)

*yep, ini untuk Gotei13shidan. Forumnya maksudnya. :P*