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MegaMan Battle Network: The Next Generation
It is the year 202X, and over the past two decades, Network Society has advanced by leaps and bounds. Thanks to living in a network age, everything is online: cars, school, shopping, and even toilets. The internet has grown so vast and complicated that it has turned into an entire world in and of itself, and due to it's complexity, humanity enlists the help of Net Navis to navigate the sprawling Net.
But along with everything else, crime also went online, and with devastating consequences. Net society had been under threat of total collapse due to all sorts of horrible threats: powerful viruses who would seize control of the world's military weapons, dark-alligned Net Navis who sought to plunge the world into chaos, ancient beasts that would burn the globe to ash, a destructive prototype of the internet itself seeking to assimilate all it saw... but time and time again, these threats were quashed by the legendary duo of Lan Hikari, and MegaMan.EXE. During their child
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Maddy, Match, and the Chocolate From Hell
"Alright ColorMan: You ready?"
"Hee hee, you bet!"
"Then let's get started! You lead, I follow!"
"Alright then: first, the powdered sugar!"
Giggling like a little girl, Ms. Madd poured a large heap of powdered sugar into a sifter that sat over a mixing bowl. Meanwhile, ColorMan sat cozy in his PET which was propped up against a bowl of candy, and read the cooking instructions to his operator.
"Now the cocoa powder! Then the powdered milk!"
Maddy added the other ingredients, and once all the powders sat in the sifter, ColorMan's wide eyes narrowed and shone with a determined gleam. "And now: it's pepper time."
Making a move that heavily deviated from standard chocolate-making, Maddy removed three plastic bag from her pocket, all of which were filled with hellish crimson powder. They were all different strains of spicy peppers identified by the labels scribbled on in black marker by Maddy's former criminal associate-turned master chef Yahoot, who marked them as crushed ghost peppe
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WCBH Ch. 6: Crappy Town, Cuddly Bismuth
(Song: Death Road to Canada, Rigor Mortis Rag:
At last: after that fiasco in the bar and losing her ship to a towing company, the Cosmic Dynamo was currently sailing through the cosmos at warp speed and Lapis was on the move once again. Granted, she wasn't too fond of doing so in what may as well have been a small, portable landfill... but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. In order to keep her mind off the mountains of trash and the milk-curdling scent of Hurley's ship, Lapis thought back to the songs she liked best from the CD's Steven gave her and pretended to be listening to them. And in spite of her lack of a CD player, she could clearly hear the lyrics of a particularly catchy psychedelic rock song playing in her head.
"Home in the valley, Home in the city,"
"Home isn't pretty, Ain't no home for me,"
"Home in the darkness, Home on the highway,"
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We Can Be Heroes Chapter 5: Dude, Where's My Ship?
 (Song: Death Road to Canada, Nobody Cooled It:
Lapis had no idea how long she had spent laying spread-eagle on the ground in the hangar. To her, it felt like an hour. In reality, it was probably half a minute at the most. But it was hard to keep track of time thanks to that horrific scene playing out in her head: Her ship being towed away by that bigger ship while she was helpless to stop it. Her ship... which had the CD player Steven gave to her on it. That memento of the only happy times she had on Earth was now lightyears away, likely being fawned over by some creepy alien weirdo. And she doubted that she'd ever get it back.
That in and of itself was bad enough, until one of those security drones that scanned her ship earlier flew by, it's optic sensor flashing with a yellow light as it emitted a pleasant chime.
"Transmission Received from Big Biz Towing," it replied in a high, feminine voice befo
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 3 5
WCBH Chapter 4: A Minor Incident in the Barroom
(Song: Reel Big Fish, Drunk Again:
'If I had a dollar bill for every time I've been wrong,' 

'I'd be a self-made millionaire and you'd still be gone,' 

'So hand me down my best dress shoes and my best dress shirt,'
'Cause I'm going out in style to cover the hurt...'
While the melancholy music rang out through Lapis' headphones, the Gem stared listlessly down at the escape pod's control panel. All through her core, this nasty feeling bubbled up deep inside of her: a feeling of regret. Regret for selfishly leaving her only friend behind on Earth. Regret for stealing his planet's ocean and attacking him when he was only trying to help. Regret for fusing with Jasper when she knew full and well she could fling her into the sea and be done with it...
'So this is it, huh? After all the crap I put myself through, after all the terrible things I've done, Steven wants me to stay on E
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We Can Be Heroes Ch 3: Fly Away, Bluebird
(Song: Steven Universe, The Hill:
"Time flies when you're having fun." That was a proverb Lapis was familiar with, though not exactly one that she thought about too much. After all, Lapis wasn't exactly the kind of person who regularly got to have fun since she was trapped either in a mirror or under the sea for most of her life. Not to say that pre-Homeworld life was unfun per se, yet at the same time it's really hard to have fun when all you really did was whatever your kind was specifically created to do, and maybe lounge around with other Gems among Blue Diamond's court every now and then.
But now that she had the freedom to spend the last few nights with Steven, happily taking in the beauty of Empire City or just hanging around Beach City together? She was completely taken aback by just how true that saying was. All the nights they spent watching the fountains, visiting museums
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We Can Be Heroes! Ch. 2: Clair de Lune
(Song: Steven Universe, Rose's Fountain:
The sky was a beautiful mixed shade of pink and orange when Lapis finally flew back to the barn. The bird's eye view she had of the dwelling in the setting sun was great: its shadow seemed to spread all the way across the vast countryside, though it seemed to gradually get smaller the more the sun lowered behind the horizon. She touched down on the ground, looked inside the barn, and smiled when she saw that Steven was inside. He was handing Peridot some tools while the impish green Gem was busy tinkering with some kind of large spherical vehicle.
"Hey, Steven!" Lapis called out. Both Steven and Peridot turned around: the small boy's eyes went starry as he grinned widely, while Peridot grinned nervously, then frowned a little and averted her eyes to the ground in shame.
"LAPIS!" Steven cheered. He gave Peridot the tools that were in his hands and did a leaping hug at Lapis, who r
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 3 3
We Can Be Heroes! Chapter 1: Not-So Same Old World
(Note: To enhance the experience, I'm going to post links to songs that I feel fit the moment. Some will be from Steven Universe, some won't. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy it!)
 (Song: Steven Universe, The Hill:
It had been the best night that Lapis Lazuli had experienced in her life. Not to say that it had much competition mind you, seeing how the past 5000 years or so had awful tragedies in store for the blue Gem every night. Whether it was being trapped inside of a mirror for a majority of her life, being set free and trying to desperately flee the planet she was trapped on with a broken gem, being captured and tortured by the ones that she were supposed to be safe around, or having to imprison herself in a fusion with a sadistic thug for months on end to protect the only one she cared about... saying that Lapis wasn't a stranger to bad nights (and days, for that matter) would certainly be underselling it.
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 3 2
Torbjorn Lindholm: Merchant of Death (Prompt)
Feh. Now this is a fine mess I've gotten myself into...' Torbjorn Lindholm mused internally. He wiggled around in a chair seated in front of a table and did the same with his wrists, trying to do the best he could to alleviate the discomfort from the cuffs keeping him restrained to his seat, while simultaenously trying not to pay attention to the harsh red Talon logo painted on the wall of the room he was imprisoned in.
It just happened out of nowhere. During the day? He was speaking at Stockholm University, serving as a special guest lecturer for aspiring engineers. And later that night, when he returned to his hotel room for a good night's sleep before heading back home in the morning? He was ambushed by a pair of Talon stealth troopers that forced their way into his room. He fought valiantly, but due to being well past his prime and caught without his trusty rivet gun, the assailants overpowered him, knocked him out cold, and hauled him off. And now, here he was: likel
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Gorilla With a Lonely Heart (Prologue)
"Right up here, big guy! C'mon, quick! Before they get you!"
It was hard to hear his friend's voice over the sound of taunting war cries, laser-fire, and the pounding of his own heart. But thanks to his keen gorilla senses, Winston could isolate his friend's calls from across the dark, neon-lit city streets. They came from the top of what looked like the balcony of a restaurant, where he could see a woman's gloved hand wave him over from the upper doorway. Gritting his teeth and giving a determined huff, Winston broke out into a brisk run on all fours and leaped into the air by using a parked car as a springboard. While the bespectacled ape wasn't able to achieve the ridiculous height that he'd get from using his jump pack, he was still able to grab onto the edge of the restaurant's balcony, and just barely managed to pull himself up and away from a hail of laser gunfire.
"Lena! Lena, I'm here!" Winston huffed after usin
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A Boy and His Stove: The Outline
Well folks, if you're reading this... it's finally come to this. After several long years, after two different reboots of my fanfic... and it's finally come to a premature end, once and for all.
I honestly feel like crying, typing this. Because goddamn, it's been a wild ride these years. I love the MegaMan Battle Network games and anime, and jumped at the chance to write fanfiction for it. My first attempt, the one I got furthest with, was crap. Shit. Iredeemably garbage. The second try? Better, but still really lacking. Third? A lot better, and ironically the one I struggled with the most. It has taken so long to put out chapters in it, partly because of demotivation with the lack of people wanting to read about my shitty OC. Partly because of me spending time on other projects. Partly because I may or may not have ADD. But now... I just don't have that creative drive anymore, at least as far as this fic is concerned.
And to the two, three of you who liked this story,
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 1 3
A Boy And His Stove: Chapter 10 (redux)
Chapter 10: Calm Before Another Storm! Mr. Match's Progress Report!
ACDC Town, Hikari Residence
June 29, 200X
10:00 AM
(Song: Undertale, Live Report:
"Good morning, Electopia! This is your anchor Ribitta reporting live from my cozy little station in DNN Studios, and I'm bringing an update on yesterday's Omega Initiative incident in Elec Town!"
"Ribbit! ToadMan.EXE here too, reminding you guys to stay in your seats 'cause this is really, REALLY important news, ribbit!"
Dressed in a blue bathrobe, his hair messy with a plate of warm, steaming cinnamon rolls on his lap, Lan couldn't help but feel oddly mature while he sat back on the family sofa, having made sure to get up in time for the ten o'clock news for the first time in his life. And at the same time, he felt a bit guilty. He had known Ribitta and ToadMan quite well: the pretty, plucky brunette and her amphibious Navi had been a big help with saving MegaMan in the past, as they w
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 0 1
A Boy and His Stove Part 9-2
Villain Intermission 1
???, Omega Initiative HQ
June 28, 200X
7:21 PM
(Song: Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Sigma Palace 4: [link])
"Really Mr. Terry, I'm sorry! I'm so-so-so-so-so-so-so-sorry! I didn't mean to let a bad Navi get me, I-"
"And I've told you a hundred times that sorry doesn't cut it, you moron! You botched our mission, and now we're gonna pay the price for it! I hope you're happy!"
"Aw, Mr. Terry..."
"SHUT UP! Things are bad enough as it is, and I don't need your whining to make it worse!" Terry shut his PET off so he wouldn't have to deal with DynamoMan's blubbering, and set it in his pocket while he strolled down the underground base's sinister dimly lit hallways. He was glad he did so, because now DynamoMan couldn't tell just how shaken up he was at what was to come. 'Useless Navi!' Terry thought, trembling slightly while a wave of nausea thrashed around in the pit of his stomach, 'You were supposed
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 2 3
A Boy and His Stove Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Cozy Dinner and Good Friends! The Fight Has Just Begun!
June 28, 200X
6:32 PM
(Song: MegaMan Battle Network 4, ACDC Town: [link])
"Hey, hey, hey! Looks like we're here, you guys!" Dr. Skrenta announced with a wide grin on her face as she pulled up to the blue-painted Hikari household, "So go ahead and get your butts outta my car! You guys have some barbecue to tear into, and I've got a program to analyze!"
"You're leaving? I thought you were going to eat with us!" Lan complained. He was already growing to like this eccentric goofball of a scientist, and she was going to leave?
"Hey, hey, hey! I never said that I was gonna eat, just that I might be able to weasel my way into getting some grub. And besides..." Her smile turned into a disinterested sneer while she cast her gaze upon the house, "Wily's hanging out there, and last I checked I'm allergic to batty old loons, you know what
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 1 1
A Boy and His Stove: Chapter 8
Chapter 8: A Fun New Friend! Skrenta the Screwball!
(Song: Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, Themis Legal Academy: [link])
"So Chaud?" Lan asked as the trio of youths ascended the cobblestone staircase up to Scilab's pristine glass doors, which were crowned by the facility's somewhat gaudy yellow-green "S" logo, "Who exactly are we showing that Virus generating program to?"
"Well, considering that their pet project involves the mass extermination of all Virus-based threats on the Net, your father and Wily are the obvious choices!" Chaud explained when they reached the doors. "But after getting friendly with the rest of the notable staff on hand, I realized that there's possibly another helpful soul who would want to see this."
"Well, who's that then?" Lan asked, to which Chaud replied with a sigh.
"You'll see her soon. All I'm going to say is that I'm sure you'll both get along just fine" He then took hold of the
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 1 2
A Boy and His Stove: Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Harsh Words From Chaud! Useless?!
(Song: Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, Investigation Opening: [link])
In the wake of DynamoMan's deletion, Elec Town's chaos began to wind down. A chorus of screaming sirens rang through the air which heralded the arrival of emergency workers, and distraught civilians poured out of nearby buildings. Meanwhile, Lan and Dex stood near the speaker in the town square as they were asked to. It didn't take long for a singular charcoal police vehicle to break off from the pack and pull over near the duo. The passenger window rolled down, and revealed the neutral, cold expression of one Eugene Chaud.
"Hey, Chaud!" Lan nervously greeted the surly-faced boy, his icy glare causing him to sweat a little. "Long time no see!"
"But we saw each other a few minutes ago." Chaud corrected coldly, which caused Lan to stick out his bottom lip.
"Yeah well... you know what I mean!" Lan whined, "We
:iconxaldinpwn:Xaldinpwn 2 4


Akihoshi and NovaMan.EXE by DragonMarquise Akihoshi and NovaMan.EXE :icondragonmarquise:DragonMarquise 11 9 Kentaro and FlameMan.EXE by DragonMarquise Kentaro and FlameMan.EXE :icondragonmarquise:DragonMarquise 11 9 Eilinoir and HeatMan.EXE by DragonMarquise Eilinoir and HeatMan.EXE :icondragonmarquise:DragonMarquise 11 7 WWW wedding --- with T-CyBeast by ThanasiaNightfall WWW wedding --- with T-CyBeast :iconthanasianightfall:ThanasiaNightfall 12 28 Family Photo by DragonMarquise Family Photo :icondragonmarquise:DragonMarquise 12 5 Lunchtime In Breezegale by DragonMarquise Lunchtime In Breezegale :icondragonmarquise:DragonMarquise 19 8 Rouge the bat and shadow by nancher Rouge the bat and shadow :iconnancher:nancher 2,098 156 Rouge the Bat by BrendanCorris Rouge the Bat :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 668 61 Emerald Steven Universe by UnicaGem Emerald Steven Universe :iconunicagem:UnicaGem 207 7 Peter Parker: Insomniac Spider-Man 1 ReCover by Tyraknifesaurus Peter Parker: Insomniac Spider-Man 1 ReCover :icontyraknifesaurus:Tyraknifesaurus 222 10 A story without words but hey there's bubbles! by DrawMeAPonyNamedBob A story without words but hey there's bubbles! :icondrawmeaponynamedbob:DrawMeAPonyNamedBob 39 31 Kratos by DomEddi Kratos :icondomeddi:DomEddi 19 5 Father and Son by DomEddi Father and Son :icondomeddi:DomEddi 115 4 Carole Bun by 0Lightsource Carole Bun :icon0lightsource:0Lightsource 241 4 Overwatch : Roadhog Expressions by MemQ4 Overwatch : Roadhog Expressions :iconmemq4:MemQ4 144 23 Misato by miura-n315 Misato :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 1,413 29


Well I learned the hard way that pointy fuzz is nature's way of saying "Don't touch this caterpillar you dumb fucker".
In between Nintendo going apeshit over fangames, ROM's of games they aren't even rereleasing on virtual console or otherwise, and their music being uploaded on Youtube as well as the ever-growing plethora of streaming services? I think it's high time I buy a parrot, form a crew, and sail the seven seas if you know what I'm saying. ;)
Well it looks like Gamefreak took their "Keep cool features out of new games to make the past ones special" to truly stupid, insane lengths.
Today is a very emotional day for me, you guys.

Thoughts on the new Sword and Shield stuff:

* Holy shit that new Grass Gym Leader looks almost exactly the same as a Grass Gym Leader I made for a fakemon region complete with red hair and buff physique. My guy actually had a nose though.

* Leon is totally going to be the villain. They're not showing us the champion this early and explicitly saying he's the champion without there being some kind of twist (Like how Alder ended up being usurped by N).

* The sheep Pokemon is cute, but kinda boring IMO. At least compared to the other stuff we got.

* Eldegoss is cute and totally going on my team, but she seems... incomplete. I hope she gets an evolution. Also she kinda reminds me of the beta Jumpluff from the Pokemon Gold spaceworld demo.

* Drednaw is badass, and I honestly wonder if he's this region's pseudo legendary given the emphasis on how hard he is to train.

* Corviknight is tastefully edgy and absolutely badass. Also I'm glad that his presence means that Ride Pokemon are here to stay in some form and that Gamefreak isn't going the disturbingly in-character route and bringing back HM's to make Alola feel special. The lack of a Dark typing threw me off, though.

* Dynamax is kinda dumb, IMO. It feels like an uncreative mishmash of Mega Evolution and Z Moves so Gamefreak can finally replace them. Also not liking how it seems mandatory to use in the Gyms unless you pull Substitute/Protect/Detect shenanigans to wait it out. I also don't like how they seem to be locking Pokemon behind it.

* Is the Wild Area essentially one giant route that replaces seperate routes in the earlier games, or its own place among traditional routes? The direct wasn't that clear, IMO.

* Those armor evolution leaks seem to have been BS and to that, I say good riddance!

* I don't even like jerk rivals since Blue and Silver were one dimensional, lukewarm, and not even that challenging, but I hope that Hop is kinda mean just to shake things up after game after game with friendly rivals.


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Alright, I'm pretty sure most people aren't really gonna care about this journal entry. And that's fair, most people shouldn't have to be subjected to other people's whiny rants about stuff. But personally, there's a show that I loved dearly once that's been consistently letting me down to the point to where I only watch it as an obligation to this day, and don't really have another place that I can air my grievances personally. So here's the short of it, I'm falling out of love with the cartoon Steven Universe.

Unlike many people, I actually thought the series started strong with Season 1, even the very beginning. I really loved how even way back then, the show had a distinct "feel good" vibe to it: Steven was an innocent sweetheart, Greg was a good, if nervous dad, and the Crystal Gems felt like a happy surrogate family. As shown as early as Laser Light Cannon, there was a hint of something far more sinister over the horizon, but it was good at showing Steven's innocent and naive viewpoint and quickly grew into a fun action/slice of life show with awesomely horrific episodes like Cat Fingers and Frybo. As the series went on, the show began to show some serious depth: Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Greg are all bundles of insecurities and serious issues, and I love the maturity and respect the show (usually) goes with handling these issues. Stuff like death, grief, self-loathing, and anxiety were all expertly handled, with later episodes even touching on domestic abuse. And of course, the heroes weren't the only selling points: Beach City is full of lovable, eccentric, and memorable characters who have issues of their own: Sour Cream's hailing from a fractured family, Mayor Dewey's position as a buffoonish yet well-meaning and good-hearted politician who's out of his depth, and Kiki Pizza's struggles with putting her foot down for her own sake. And of course, once the show touched upon a darker past to the Crystal Gems involving a rebellion from an oppressive fascist alien race of sociopathic planet looting psuedo-Nazis, we got to meet wonderful characters like Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, as well as the baggage that came from Steven's mother Rose Quartz's controversial decision to kill Pink Diamond.

For two seasons the show consistently impressed me and left me eager to see more of its lovable characters, take in the raw emotions, and root against the nasty Diamond Authority... but season 3 has been going downhill like crazy, a trend that hasn't stopped in season 4. And it really, really saddens and scares me. There are multiple reasons why I'm starting to lose faith in the show, and it'll take some time to get it all out, so bear with me here.

Reason 1: Poor and Inconsistent Characterization

Boy oh boy, this has REALLY been a problem in season 3, and even a bit late in season 2. Steven Universe started out having consistent, well-rounded characters who not only had wonderful personalities, but ones that made sense. Come season 3 however... maybe it'll work better if I break it into particular characters who I take issue with.

My BIGGEST issue is with Peridot. Peri, Peri, Peri... much like her characterization, my feelings toward this character have varied considerably. I started off not caring about her in the slightest, grew to love her once she was stuck with the Crystal Gems, but now she teeters between a mid-favorite and among my least favorites. When she first appeared she was a rather cold and surprisingly heartless villain: showing a startling lack of empathy by viewing Steven as a pest in need of extermination and crushing an injured Robonoid of hers. I didn't hate her, though I didn't get the hype around the character (I got left behind on watching the show and got back into it after Jailbreak aired. Note: I'm no bandwagoner, I liked the show from the start! I just slacked off on watching it :p). Come season 2 however I fell in love with her. It was entertaining as all hell seeing this coldhearted bitch show her hidden layers as a goofy, dorky, bratty little gremlin who thinks a wee bit too highly of herself, and it was humanizing seeing her slowly mentally unravel due to being stuck on the planet with the enemy and no way to go back home. It was cute seeing her reach out to Steven and through him, develop a conscious. And yet, it didn't feel forced, at least at first: she still held on to a lot of bad behavior that rubbed off from growing up in a bad home: she was bigoted towards Garnet and Pearl, openly gushed about how Dear Lead- er, I mean Der Fuhr- AHEM, I mean the Great Diamond Authority should have strip-mined Earth into oblivion, and was hilariously rude towards others. I loved how flawed and multi-faceted she was, and liked seeing her grow a grudging respect for the Crystal Gems and learn how to be a better person though.

That was all ruined at the tail end of season 2 and most of season 3, when she kind of grew into the token "small annoying forcibly cute teammate" of the Crystal Gems. She became a fangirl of sappy cartoonishly Canadian TV, got big into social media, started using human slang, and for whatever reason has this obsession with befriending Lapis Lazuli (Probably because some of the writers, one in particular REALLY wanna shill Lapidot). She feels like a completely different character than she did for most of season 2, and I don't like it. She's not the intelligent jerk with goofy nerdy tendencies and an inflated ego learning how to be a better person anymore, now she feels like what I can only call "le quirky Peridot!1!!1!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD": a character whose quirky tendencies completely overtook her identity instead of being a part of it. Plus, her redemption was honestly poorly and sloppily handled: right after gushing about how Hitl- (Okay I'll stop) er, Yellow Diamond did nothing wrong, she suddenly burns her bridges with Yellow Diamond by insulting her to her face, declaring that Earth had things worth protecting, and otherwise did the Crystal Gem song and dance despite it being made clear in the previous episode that she had lengths to go to unlearn her toxic mindset. Sure, after her traitorous behavior sinks in she's horrified... but gets over it really quickly. And what feels REALLY weird is that she still comes off as inconsistently characterized: in Beta, she's "le quirky Peridot!!1!!!!!!1 XDDDDDDDDDD" in full force, but in Kindergarten Kid, a season 4 episode, she's suddenly back to her old (and far more likable) rude jerk with goofy tendencies characterization. Out of all the characters, her inconsistent writing sticks out the most.

Lapis Lazuli is another big offender of inconsistent/bad characterization. This one really hurts because she's an incredibly nuanced character and one of my absolute favorites. For a while, she was consistently characterized as icy, vengeful, and standoffish towards most people after being put through so much crap, but had a much sweeter side she reserved for Steven which shows her as being debatable a better mom than most of the Crystal Gems. She also has a lot of issues that ring home with abuse victims: she has downright awful self-esteem, is prone to shutting down emotionally, and became an abuser herself after being yanked around by Jasper. I LOVED this so much... which is why I find episodes like Hit the Diamond and Beta downright insulting to the character. In those, she's this cartoonish goth girl who is incredibly apathetic and feels completely different than she usually does. And in Beta, she's suddenly best friends with Peridot with some blatant Lapidot pandering going on while in her previous appearance she loathed the very ground Peri walked on, and for good reason. And to add insult to injury, SHE was treated as the bad guy in Barn Mates despite having every reason to hate Peridot. Gah.

Garnet... alright, it isn't inconsistent characterization or even really bad: she's still the same stoic badass with the occasional asshole moment who nonetheless is adorably affectionate and maternal towards Steven. But in recent episodes... I dunno, there are some who feel that she's been losing her sense of identity and is basically reduced to being a fusion. It's hard to explain... but I kind of agree. Lately it feels that she's less her own character like she was in the past, and everything about her is now related to being a fusion. And even worse, her components, Ruby and Sapphire are dreadfully boring characters. They have no depth whatsoever, and can be defined as either being rambunctious and fiery or cold and distant, and being super in love for one another. And what's worse is that due to them being lesbians, not liking how one-dimensional they are or how unhealthy their relationships seem (Seriously, they put Peridot's life at risk because they couldn't hide their lady-boners for one another) will get you put under fire for criticizing a sacred cow. Bleh.

Connie I feel instead of being inconsistent or poorly characterized is just boring. I don't HATE her as she is a nice kid... but that's all she's got going for her. A bland, nerdy, nice girl with not much else to her. I liked her better back when she was struggling with her emotionally abusive parents because I could heavily identify with her feelings of anxiety regarding mom and dad... until that problem was suddenly taken care of. Now she just bores me. It's kinda fitting, her fusion with Steven, Stevonnie, is in my opinion the most boring fusion. But that's for another day.

That's about it for my characterization rant, part two's gonna have me talk about my issues with wasted potential in recent episodes. So uh... yeah. See you guys next time. Or not. I dunno.


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Thanks for the +fav on Satoru Iwata
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Thanks for the fav or favs by Chooy64  
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