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Santiago of the River Pack



Santiago 19723 by TotemSpirit

|| BASICS ||


Tokota Import: Santiago 19723
Name: Santiago
Nicknames: Santi
Age: Estimated 3 years, true age unkown
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Pack: River
Rank: Omega
Companion(s): N/A





Heavily Scarred - Impaired Voice - Piercing Jade Gaze - Smells of Rainwater, Pine, and Iron

+ Thick, somewhat matted mane
+ Lean, lithe, deceptively sturdy
+ High pain tolerance

- Throat is exposed in some places due to heavy scarring; fur cannot grow there anymore
- Cannot call for aid (her voice cannot be raised much higher than a whisper)
- Not built for strength; must make decisive blows


Anti-Social - Ill-Tempered - Stubborn - Dauntless - Survivor
Calm. Calculating. Sensible, diplomatic, fiercely loyal. These are not words that one would associate with Santi, and it suits her just fine. Santi is not unlike a barricaded wartorn fortress, being extremely guarded and only ever presenting a passively aggressive or even hostile front. But given her heavily scarred appearance, it isn't difficult to guess what caused her to become this way. The near-fatal event of her past left her with extensive memory loss and, as a result, very little foundation for her sense of self. However, where it might normally cause an individual to become timid, it has made her fierce and shaped her into a true survivor. Santi is also not one for being "handled."

Anyone who should manage to breach her ice-spiked walls would be disappointed if they had hoped to find warmth or solace there; she is a stronghold with haunted halls. Without her severe facade, she is a docile, almost empty creature - but no one would know it. She passes judgement at a glance, deeming all to be insufferable by default. In her eyes, everyone is guilty of being a pest until proven otherwise. She does not let anyone in because she cannot easily trust. Because, you see, a fortress is only good against that which has not already breached its walls - the secrets within are hers to keep.


|| SOCIAL ||



Mate: N/A
Children: N/A



+In-Group History+


+Pre-Group History:+

It had been a funny thing, waking up in a pool of her own spilled blood. She could not remember where or even who she was underneath the gut-wrenching pain that clawed its way through her throat and spread into the rest of her quivering form. To her dismay, even after recovering from that pitiful state - and finding she had a fit body, respectable fighting knowledge, and that she even came with a formidable vocabulary to match - not one memory of her former self ever came back to her. And she was utterly, totally alone. All there was left to do was move on, and so Santiago - a name believed to be picked at random from her lexicon - continued down the lone wolf life she assumed she had left off from. Although she was no more certain of her past than her own name, at least she could not miss what she could not remember. Her amnesia had not left Santi with much, but it did leave her to become cold and calloused in its wake.
Countless contemplations by still waters has at least led her to the conclusion that, given the shape of the wicked web of scars across her throat, it must have been an especially savage bear that left her at the edge of death.  Or, perhaps, even a dire.  But the plague of questions that once asked the wheres and whys about her past have long since let her be, and now she finds she no longer cares.




I will buy scar packs as soon as she hits average.  So not gonna mess with those in a sub pose, haha.
Also, I RP people too. C8

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