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Year In Art Meme 2017 by Xailenrath Year In Art Meme 2017 by Xailenrath
My, I haven't posted in here since APRIL!

Where do I begin?
2017 was almost as bad as 2016 was.
So many changes and setbacks.
There's been holes in my art production to the point that I had to include a pic of Shrinky-Dinks I made of the Misfits-Of-Mischief as December's pic because I haven't really drawn much of anything for months.
(I even cheated a bit on July and October, as those are old pics, but "new" uploads to the :iconxailenrath-universe: account.)
Yes, the pics are all culled from my 5(?) different DA spaces, but, I am only gonna post this here.

I hope everyone has a good final week of this craptacular year and that 2018 goes much better for you!

JAN- January the Bee from 'Tales From the Backyard'
FEB- Dr. Echidna, leader of S.C.A.R.R. from SCARRed For Life
MAR- Elder Statesman, 101 year old intergalactic superhero
APR- Masque Magazine cover featuring fanart of 'Evil Centennia', dark twin of TheCosmicBeholder's character.
MAY- Monroe Coyote, Pazuzu the vampire and Lordwormm's Porkula from this year's "MayMash" attempt.
JUN- Floyd and Lloyd Holiday from "Wonderland Hates You"
JUL- Swarm, a self-replicating teen superhero who was wiped from existence after a Multiversal reboot.
AUG- Another Masque cover featuring 2 of my own versions of Jenny Everywhere made for Jenny Everywhere Day
SEP- A saucy pic I made for my Patreon
OCT- Zed Hudson, a recurring character in a fair few of my comic projects from over the years, now a metahuman in "Sick of Superheroes".
NOV- The Misfits of Mischief in what was probably the last real thing I've even drawn, muchless completed, this year!
DEC- The Misfits, used as test subjects for Shrinky Dinks, which I may try to do as a 'thing' for conventions next year.
burstlion Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn you cranked out a lot of art this year!!  Way more than I did, pretty darn sure.
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