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Bust Shots 2017: Steadfast

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Today's Bust Shot is Steadfast.
One of those flag-wearing nationalist superhero types.

Malcolm Wilkins, 52

He may look like a Superman expy, sure, but, being fueled by a green-hued ionic energy from a neighboring dimension (like a number of my supers), he's ACTUALLY a Wonder Man expy... and kinda stuffy. (Because he's OLD, not because he's British... er, no offense to old people, either.)
You've seen him in the crowd scene for Universal Destruction. (Yeah, he survived.)
The FIRST place you've seen him, however is trying to utterly annihilate a certain trio of randy, dimension-hopping demigods for having sex with his entire family!

After that debacle, he divorced, left Britain in shame, and settled in Connecticut.
There, he garnered an archenemy in the shape-shifting villain called Draconis. After defeating Draconis and sending him off to prison, Steadfast started a romance with the villain's wife. Soonafter, they got married and moved to Chicago for a fresh start... much to the utter contempt of Draconis's daughter, Skylar, secretly the teen supervillainess, Serpentyne!

Cheers, mates!


Height: 6' 4"
Weight 288 lbs
Hair Color: grey, (formerly auburn)
Eye Color: glowing green

Powertype: granted by quantum mishap
Weapons: none

STRENGTH:            7/10
SPEED:                  6/10
AGILITY:                4/10
INTELLECT:            4/10
STAMINA:              6/10
ENDURANCE:         7/10
ENERGY PROJ:       7/10
HEALING:              4/10
PERCEPTION:         4/10
FIGHT SKILLS:       4/10

Allies: Streaque, Delphi
Enemies: Gnash, Leapfrog (deceased), The Snowman, The Minotaur, Siphon, Draconis, Serpentyne
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