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Large file is large. Full view for the insanity!

Welcome to the Project of my 2010! My novel Above it All (lovingly dubbed forever more as AiA) is going to get art-a-fied to help feed my creative juices and sate my friends who wanna know more.

What better way than through pictures that'll also challenge me.

Like this one. The first challenge? Bring the cast in my head to life. Too bad this is only... 17 out of the 29. That's not counting throwaway red-shirt types, demons, etc... :D

If you're wondering what's scribbled on this, by the heads, that's Latin, and its their kinetic, their power. i.e: -invalesc- means strength roughly. So girlfriend over there is pretty much She-Hulk. The other names, Sandalphon, Samael, Renpha and Suriel are the names of Angels.

Anything else... will have to be learned next time!

These characters are mine, K. =xailachan Austin's. Please respect that. :D
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Ambi! <3 And Gena looks so bright-eyed!