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My Bio

It's ya fluffy boi XAI!

Happy pony boi. Don't be afraid to send me a message or leave a comment!

I love drawing MLP art, and I also participate in live radio shows on CelestiaRadio.com

I don't really have a goal in life as such, I just want to make art and keep doing that for my whole life. Whatever I can do to make myself comfortable along the way, then great.

stat file!

alias: Xai Temaki

Age: 27

gender: Male, heterosexual

Relationship?: Does dating plushies count?

cosmic stuff

star sign: Cancer

Animal: Raccoon

Element: Air

Religion: Agnostic I guess? I'm also a little bit interested in Taoism


Traits: kind, patient, a little timid sometimes, gentle, creative and passionate about art.

Fav animal: snakes, raccoons

Likes: Cutie patootie ponies, my friends, adorable things, gentle summer breezes, food, and drawing of course.

Fav music: Mostly pony stuff but I listen to a lot of different things of different genres. Just not into hop hop and stuff.
I like anything that just feels good in the soul, or feels uplifting or energising.

Interests: Pretty much PONIES (Have I made this clear yet?), snakes and hypno stuff, and fantasy creatures like nagas, centaurs, mermaids, harpies, driders ect.

unimportant stuff:
- Fav smell: The smell of brand new plushies. It makes me so happy remembering the times when I brought home a new member of the family. I also love the smell of trading cards, books & manga, spring air, and chocolate.
- Fav food: Cheesecake. XD Or maybe like, Chinese, or pizza, or a lovely mixed grill, Ahhh I like food too much. I also put peanut butter on everything.
- Favourite thing to watch: Lighthearted shows mostly like Scrubs and Community, but mostly I jsut watch Game Grumps all day on Youtube. And D&D podcasts like The Adventure Zone, Dice Camera Action and others.
Also there's one more. Can you guess what it is? Spoilers; It's MLP:FiM

Who is best pony?
dashie so cool
but I luff pinkie so much *hugs*

Wait! Now it has become a cross between Fluttershy and Derpy! Sweet Celestia I just freaking LOVE them so much! They make me so freaking happy and just- AHHH!
I love them ;w;
So much...

(Still love Pinkie and Dashie though don't get me wrong. THEY'RE ALL GREAT!)


Princess FluffyXai the Fluffy, Royal Princess of Plushies!


Favourite Visual Artist
There are so many I love! Especially all the amazing, talented, super lovely pony artists!!
Favourite Movies
Oh I wonder if you can ever possibly gue- MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE!!!!
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia (Yes, all the academias! xD), Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, Scrubs
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Madeon, Owl City, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons, And of course, all the super talented pony musicians, and his excellency Danial Ingram, haha
Favourite Books
I don't read enough DX
Favourite Games
Tales of Vesperia, Skyrim, Sims 3 & 4, Monster Hunter, Persona (Especially 5!) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/A2, Pokemon; Ruby & Sapphire, X/Y Sun & Moon, gah I just love Pokemon.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, but also love my 3DS (whom I named Satoko >_>) and my PS3/4
Tools of the Trade
Huion 1060PLUS, and like so many pencils. My favourite is a fancy mechanical one I bought from Japan, she is named Konami owo
Other Interests
Ponies ponies mermaids ponies cat girls centaurs nagas ponies centaur-ponies ponies bunnies
Sorry I've not been around, I was working pretty much up to new years day so I wanted to have a break for a little bit. Still doin' commissions and all that I haven't forgotten! Just needed some recharge time since I put in overtime for commissions
From Hinsight in 2020, I'd say, overall, the one that is the most meaningful is the Gatomon one. The one that had the biggest glow up that I'm happiest with is Melody + Cora, and the one I most enjoy looking at is Just Another Hangover. And I think

Hindsight in 2020 over

Hindsight in 2020 over

And with that, the project comes to a close. It's been awesome fun redrawing stuff, much more fun than I thought it'd be! And there's still more I wanted to get round to haha. I think what surprised me the most is how it's forced me out of my current comfort zone of ponies. At the beginning, I may have decided there was a lot of older, non-pony stuff I wanted to touch on too, but I was feeling like I mostly wanted to stick to pony redraws. Simply cus I'm a lot more confident with drawing ponies. But after doing more, I ended up going for a lot of older pictures of varied things to redraw and it's been really fun! I can say I'm pretty satisfied with all of them. This year's project was about me going back and redrawing old art that I felt could use a significant glow up after years of developing as an artist. Maybe I wanted to revisit an idea and make it feel more dynamic, use better visual-storytelling, or just improve the anatomy or colouring effects. (Also, it was the only year I


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Initiating flashback sequence!

wrapping up a crystal

To what? XD

Or... from what???

Who knows. It's just a flashback.

Maybe you'll know what to do.

Oh I came down on my page to look at something. I didn't realise this was a comment on the page XD I thought this was a comment on the art itself. I may have been distracted at the time.

Are you trying to tell me you're voting this for a hindsight in 2020 piece?

Cus I still have like, at least two more things I wanna do and it's half a month away from the end of the year XD

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