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Xael Dynamax

To complete the whole gang.

Alex dynamax by Xael-The-Artist  Lethal Dynamax by Xael-The-Artist  Dinamax Toby by Xael-The-Artist
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Such a big riolu <3

ItzEmmaArtz's avatar
Should I be happy or scared? 👀""
EevEelOveR1542's avatar

Toby's Fluff will never live it down Dow XD

Ayra369's avatar

Uuuuhh no I only play pokemon shuffle mobile

Ayra369's avatar

That's cute but what is dynamax?????

Brogamer2008's avatar

You really should go play sword and shield (on Nintendo switch) or watch Pokemon Journeys

SpeedyLucario's avatar
Ever played pokemon sword or shield?
NimonoMiyoa's avatar

so freakin' big and cute! <3

MarasmusTheSecond's avatar

Well he can make some bad cuts with those hands.

Vasetr's avatar

now they can take over galar

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Dunno why, but I'm thinking of Ultraman right now.
Zackman92's avatar

It's a show from Japan that ran from 1966 to this day, it's part of the genre Tokusatsu
SpeedyLucario's avatar
Well I'm in the U.S so I've never heard of it
Mewdiecake's avatar
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Thank Arceus his scarf grew with him, otherwise, it would rip apart.

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