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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ultra Cover

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Comic commission for :iconnsegahasbrosony:

This it's a comic that :iconnsegahasbrosony: wants to do and I will be the artist he decided to work with!

It's gonna be a page per month, so don't worry much about it.
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you ask when are you going to upload the first chapter

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It'll be once a month for a page, as for chapter just... depends

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You know, I have read the words mystery dungeon so much,

my mind now wants to see "Pokémon: Well-explored Dungeon".

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InEventualityHobbyist General Artist

Glad you set a reasonable quota at least :)

NSegaHasbroSony's avatar

What do you mean by that?

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InEventualityHobbyist General Artist

Just glad he won't overwork himself with this

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corbynprowerHobbyist Writer

cant wait

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We do hope you guys will enjoy. wanna thank Xael for this and hope you guys will enjoy all of it.

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I'm sure it will be amazing, and I'm so happy for you that you can finally get your story out ^^

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calvacadesHobbyist General Artist

Interesting concept, I´m curious to see more

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Trolldier123Hobbyist General Artist

Looks very interesting! I'm looking forward to it!

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BoltofMysteryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooo, can’t wait to see it
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:Stick Figure Max: Ooooo this is new one

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another comic

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this seems very interesting to me :3c

even the cover image raises very interesting questions~

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DarkTheFlareonHobbyist General Artist

Mhm. Interesting

(in a good way)

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is it going to be a human in the pmdverse as themself instead of a pokemon?

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No he is going to be transformed into a pokemon sorry

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that would definitely be an interesting plot twist. the taking a human and transforming them into a pokemon phase kind of fails and they are thrust into the world still a human. the pokemon destined to meet them while they are unconscious comes to see a human and the snowball begins to roll.

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