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les voix
La fenêtre
du monde
dans l'air.
les voix,
à ma tête
à l'inverse,
le monde le dans,
le silence dehors.
Ils marchent
Ils semblez   normals.
Ils parlent
mais, je sais.
Je vois
les Visages
de la gravité,
les Sentiments
de la sévérité.
Ils essayent
expulser et
Se laver de la douleur,
mais ils ne sait pas que
les Blessures
deviennent les cicatrices.
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Baseball with a View by xAdricx Baseball with a View :iconxadricx:xAdricx 0 0 El Corazon del El Eden2 by xAdricx El Corazon del El Eden2 :iconxadricx:xAdricx 0 4 El Corazon del El Eden by xAdricx El Corazon del El Eden :iconxadricx:xAdricx 0 1
"Does anyone want to climb the mountain with me?" It may not have been high enough to hold mountain status, but it was more than a hill. We, four Americans, three teenagers and an adult, began the climb soon after lunch. A man nearby to the base directed us to the path, one highly traveled but highly unclear. The slope was relatively steep, and my heavy back-pack kept pulling me back. Scaling small walls of rock, pushing our way through the stinging branches and foliage, we felt the incline lessen, and finally reached the top. Out of breath, sore, and sun-baked, we gazed outwards. The plants and trees had thinned, yet the vegetation still greatly obstructed the view. To our surprise, we noticed a higher peak not visible from the start of the path.
"Let's go for it!" They turned to me, reflecting my own worn-out look, and after short deliberation, we again went forth. This time, our legs slowed, and we took more frequent breaks in the shade, as we rose nearer to the sun. I climbed, and
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Of course it was surprising to go down to Nicaragua and be introduced to their world, but it hit me hardest upon my return. Perhaps it started when my mom asked me if I wanted anything to eat, like eggs or chicken soup. I immediately saw the Nicaraguan's faces and I was so very shocked by such a simple statement, something as simple as having a choice of what to eat.
It hit me full on when I walked upstairs and went into my room, and everything came full force. The very, very real memories of the children and the homes we saw, and I was entirely overwhelmed. I broke down crying and I fully understood my friend Adrian's statement about injustice. It was so difficult me to look around my room, to see its size, to see the complete walls, the windows, my bed my clothes, books, everything. It took a lot of strength to get up, and go into my bathroom, and just stare at it with nervousness, confusion, and fear. Walking around my house, everything is different: it isn't mine, it isn't reality.
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No, I cannot control the sky or the winds
I cannot control others,
in truth, I cannot control  my own future
But I have the power of me: I am who I am.
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in this world of ours
At home, when young
Sound broke the walls
Pain broke my heart
Hardened my face
Somewhere to feel safe, somewhere to feel love.
Ive been many places
Met many people
Ive been in love
Ive been hurt by love.
Somewhere to feel safe, somewhere to feel love.
Spinning 'round in this world of ours
Everything's twisted, everything's wrong.
I don't ask for the world, I just
Want a home
Somewhere to feel safe, somewhere to feel love.
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my face, a shield
My face is a shield,
My smile a trick,
My eyes lying.
It does not tell
You do not know.
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they don't care
They listen, but
They don't hear you.
They hug, but
They don't care.
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a love poem
When a mirror reflects what you see
When imperfections are
no more
When fears are fought off,
And winter is warm.
I'm in a plane speeding away,
But the world's turnin' back against me
So I go
It is an axe
Hitting solidly and blunt
With true divine force
On one side
And the other slices right through
I gave my heart with an honest
A reach for binding, a reach for...
No, the axe doth cut.
And cut it does again,
And cut it does again.
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Sounds break darkness
sounds break darkness
screams break sleep
pain and fear rose the threshold
a face unaltered
a house not a home
a family apart
love gone
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Corin Lougherty
United States


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