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Sanctuary Synopsis by Xadrea
Earth is long gone and the humans who remain have no recollection of the origins of the techno-virus that destroyed it. Humankind's final remnants now exist within the walls of Sanctuary the last city on Red Moon, a hostile  planet afflicted by the same Virus. Red Moon's original inhabitants were on the verge of human/machine symbiosis before humanity invaded. The Virus quickly calming the lives of hundreds of thousands from both sides. When it became clear that Red Moon was nearly uninhabitable and abandoning the planet was not an option, an alliance was made and Sanctuary was built. 

The alliance vowed to fight the Virus and reclaim the planet, but resources were hard to find... 
This is the synopsis for the graphic novel my brother and I wrote! I'm in the process of re-imagining the artwork and certain sequences of the story to pump it out fresh from the art oven again :D 

Lunar eclipse stock Image:
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Watch the Sanctuary trailer here:…

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January 12, 2016
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